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Citroen DS21 & D Super Tyres

The world was changing in the '60s and the new phenomena that had started pre war was taking hold, Motorways. The ability to maintain such high cruising speeds on motorways determined different needs being placed on fast cars like a Citroen DS21. So Michelin, still Citroens major shareholder, invented the first Asymmetric tyre in conjunction with the Citroen DS, The Michelin XAS, which dramatically improved the motorway handling of cars of the '60s. From 1965 onwards the Citroen DS21 and the late D23 moved on to fitting 180HR15 Michelin XAS tyres, with a 155HR15 XAS or 165HR15 XAS on the rear. Often though these cars for simplicity fitted the 180HR15 XAS front and rear, which is pretty much what we would recommend today.

Citroen DS21 injection & DS23 Injection cars

These later Injection cars moved onto a 185HR15 Michelin XAS. Currently Michelin make the 185HR15 XVS-P which is a great tyre, but some people argue that the XAS is still more suited to the DS including the injection models and the prices certainly make them attractive.

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