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Dougal has just come back from a great time at Montlhery Vintage revival Vintage Revival Montlhery 2019 Video

Dougal's Tractor

My Poor old little Grey Fergies is in a right old Damson Jam. It has been flippin windy recently and it seems to have blown my Damson Tree over. Which is a disaster in itself because i think Damson might be my favorite Jam. but the disaster went further, because it landed on my Tractor


As we jump into the abyss of Brexit, nobody knows what is going to happen in Europe. And because of that we feel glad that a large proportion of what we sell doesn't touch Europe. So we are confident that our supply chain will not be effected. We do hold huge stocks of a wide variety tyres, and those few that come from Europe, it will take us a long time to run out. Added to our amazing carriers, we feel ready for Brexit. We will take it in our stride, an d continue to give our customers what they want, where they want it.

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