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1966 Toyota Corona Tyres

1966 Toyota Corona Advert

Toyota Corona 1957–2001

  • The Toyota Corona from 1958 to 1960 fitted 5.60 - 14. Currently no classic tyre manufacturer makes a tyre in this size, but 165-14 is a suitable radial alternative with a brilliant selection of tyres.
  • Our recommended radial tyre in this size is either the 165 HR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 or the 165R14 Michelin XAS
  • The Corona from 1960-1964 (known in export models as the "Tiara") fitted 5.90 - 13. The Corona RT from 1964-1973 fitted 6.00-13. No manufacturer currently makes a tyre in this size however you can fit 165-13 as a radial alternative to both 5.90 - 13 and 6.00 - 13. 165 - 13 is a suitable radial alternative that would make a brilliant, better-performing fit for your Tiara or Corona RT. We recommend fitting the size 165 - 13 is the 165R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.
  • The low profile alternative to 165-13 is 185/70 - 13. The tyre we recommend in this size is 185/70 VR 13 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36.
1974 Toyota Corona Mk II 2000 Tyres

1974 Toyota Corona Mk II 2000 Advert

Post-1973 Corona Trim Changes

  • After 1973 different Corona trims were fitting different tyres, the 1900 and MK2 2000 Coronas on 13" wheels were still fitting 165-13 and those on 14" wheels were fitting 165-14. The exceptions to the aforementioned fitments are the MK1 2000 and Mk1 2000 Estate which, from 1975 onwards, and the Corona Liftback, which all fitted 175 - 14. For this size we recommend the 175 HR 14 Michelin XAS
  • The 1500 Coronas fitted 155-13 and the 1600s and its coupe version fitted 155-14.
  • Our recommended tyre for the size 155 - 13 is the 155R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 or the 155 HR 13 Michelin XAS FF. For the size 155 - 14 we recommend the 155 TR 14 Michelin X.
  • Alternatively instead of 155-13 you could fit a 175/70 R 13 tyre as a low profile alternative. The recommended tyre in this size is the 175/70 VR 13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.
1984 Toyota Corona Tyres

1984 Toyota Corona Advert

1983-1992 Toyota Corona and Toyota Carina II tyres

In 1983 the European export models of Corona were replaced by the Carina II, which was a rebadged 1983 model Corona with a facelift, consisting of alterations to the headlights, grille, and trim. For fitments on the Carina II please see our Carina page.

Toyota Corona Innertubes

  • For the sizes 155-13 and 165-13, we suggest the Michelin 13D.
  • For the sizes 175/70 - 13 and 185/70 - 13 we suggest the Michelin 13E or the Michelin 13F.
  • For the Sizes 155-14 and 165-14 we suggest the Michelin 14D.
  • For the size 175-14, we suggest the Michelin 14E.
  • Our period Dunlop Innertube Guide states which models transitioned to tubeless wheels, and in what year, see below to find your model and year.

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History of the Toyota Corona

The Toyota Corona was introduced in May 1957 as a smaller version of the Crown and Master which had been scaled up across the years of production. This version of the crown was used as a Taxi in Japan for years, along with subsequent generations. The 50s and 60s taxis in Japan bear cultural similarities with an Austin FX4 as the classic London Taxi.

In 1960 the Toyota Corona released its second generation, known as the Tiara in export models. The Toyota Crown was Toyota's first export car, however, it proved to be unsuccessful in the U.S market and was pulled from exportation. The Tiara was their next attempt, along with the Land Cruiser and the larger Crown once again. The Tiara ended up outselling the Crown and was renamed the Corona in future models. The Corona would carry on as the smaller option to the Crown for most of its life, until Carina's discontinuation in 1982, which is when it was renamed Carina II and then later in 1992, the Carina E. Production in Europe for the Crown ended in 1997 and ended in Japan in 2001.

1981 Toyota Corona Tyres

1981 Toyota Corona Japanese Advertisement

Toyota Corona Fitment Guide

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