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History of the Toyota 1000

The Toyota 1000 is the export name for a Toyota P30 Publica, which was made to fit several regulations set out by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry for an affordable, efficient, and reliable car, resulting in a car that took a lot of inspiration from the Citroen 2CV. In the early 1960s, Toyota started exporting cars into Europe, starting with Denmark and eventually getting to the UK in 1965 with the Corona Saloon. In 1969 Toyota decided to begin exportation of their Publica model, the smallest car in their range with the P30 series, or as we came to know it in our market, the Toyota 1000.

The 1000 was essentially a smaller Corolla, as it was built around a shrunk-down Corolla wheelbase with their K-series straight-4 993cc engine, which was just a lower-displacement version of the Corolla engine. This car was marketed as the first car for the baby boomer generation due to that generation being of license-holding age around the time of production.

In 1973 the Publica Starlet was introduced as the coupe version of the then facelifted Publica, the Starlet would later replace the Publica as their supermini model. The Starlet would have this role up until 1999, which is when the Toyota Yaris took up the supermini role.

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