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BMW Z1 Tyres


BMW Z1 1989–1991

  • The BMW Z1 of 1989 to 1991 originally fitted 225/45 R 16 Pirelli P700-Z.
  • Pirelli are currently making the 225/45R16 89Y, especially for the Z1 BMW and some of the BMW E30 M3 cars of the late 1980s and 1990s.
  • It is good news for the classic BMW fraternity that Pirelli are making these specialist tyres again for the Z1.
  • Suggested tyre pressures for a BMW Z1 would be 26psi in the front and 30psi in the rear.

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    BMW Z1 Recommended Tyres

3 Items

BMW Z1 History

The BMW Z1 was the first model of BMW's Z series two-seater convertibles and was built in limited quantities between 1989 and 1991. The "Z" in Z1 represented Zukunft, which is German for "future". The plastic body panels and vertically folding doors that descend into the door sills distinguish the Z1. It was one of the earliest BMW models to include a multi-link rear suspension.

From March 1989 until June 1991, the Z1 was built at BMW's facility in Munich, totalling 8,000 vehicles exactly. All of the vehicles were left-hand drive, and the vast majority (6,443) were sold in BMW's home market of Germany. Italy, which received the second-highest amount of Z1s, received fewer than 7% of the total cars. The mass-produced Z3, the Z1's replacement, commenced manufacturing in 1996.

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