Simca 1100 TI Tyres

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Simca 1100 TI

Simca 1100 TI

Simca 1100 TI 1967–1985

  • The Simca 1100 Ti fitted 145 R13 tyres as original equipment.
  • For this size Longstone recommends either the 145HR13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 or the 145 HR 13 Michelin XAS FF, both tyres offer period tread patterns, and progressive handling and performance.
  • Our period Innertube Guide informs which 1100 models transitioned to tubeless wheels. There is no specific entry for the TI, but the guide states that some 1100 models fitted tubeless wheels by 1977, and others still fitted tube-type wheels.
  • The ideal tube for these tyres is the Michelin 13CG innertube.
  • Some people want to fit a wider tyre, for these people we offer the 155R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 or the 155 HR 13 Michelin XAS FF as the best choices; both tyres will minimise the derogatory effects that fitting a wider tyre can create.
  • These tyres would best fit an Michelin 13D innertube.

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History of the Simca 1100 TI

The Simca 1100 TI was a Simca 1100 variation that was noted for having possibly the greatest claim to be the first ever "Hot Hatch" The TI was released in 1974 with 82hp; more than 40% over the regular versions' 58hp, which significantly enhanced performance and propelled the top speed above 100mph for the first time to 105mph with a 0-60mph time of 12 seconds.

Based on the 1100 Special, this performance version was distinguished by its six-headlamp and foglight arrangement, front disc brakes, spoilers on both the front and rear, alloy wheels, matte black grille, and a single colour paint scheme (red); all features that would be adopted by the many Hot Hatches that would follow. The front-wheel-drive hatchback, based on the Simca 1100 series debuted in 1967, was a big seller throughout Europe and is thought to have influenced VW to replace its rear-engined line with a new front-engine product range that included the Polo and Golf. The 1100Ti was never available in right-hand drive in the United Kingdom.

Innertube Guides

1977 Michelin Simca Fitment Guide

1977 Michelin Simca Fitment Guide

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