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Pirelli P600 Tyres

Pirelli P600

Pirelli P600 Classic Tyres

  • In the mid-1980s, Pirelli created the P600 tyre.  The Pirelli P600 tyre pattern was developed to minimize the possibility of aquaplaning.
  • The P600's enhanced cornering power provided outstanding high-speed grip in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Pirelli is presently remaking the 235/60R15 P600 tyre for the Jaguar XJS HE.
  • It was originally V-rated and known as the 235/60VR15 P600 in 1987. The current manufacturing is rated at 170 mph and is known as the 235/60WR15 P600.

235/60 R 15 Pirelli P600

  • Pirelli manufactures the 235/60 R 15 P600 tyre, which was originally fitted to Jaguar XJS HE in 1987.
  • The 235/60 R 15 Pirelli P600 XJS tyre was formerly unavailable, however, Pirelli has reintroduced it as part of their Collezione line specifically for this wonderful car.

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3 Items

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