Ferrari 500 Superfast

Ferrari 500 Superfast Tyres

  • The fabulous Ferrari 500 Superfast fitted 205 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72.
  • We would suggest fitting the Michelin 15/17H inner tube to these tyres.
  • When Ferrari was building the 500 Superfast, this 205 section CN72 was the largest tyre that could withstand this power.
  • The Ferrari 500 Superfast fitted Borrani7.0" x 15" alloy rimmed wire wheels as original equipment. These wheels are period-authentic and have the same if not even better amazing quality than they did at the start of their production back in 1964 .
  • Inner tubes are not nessesary for most radial tyres, but they can still be a good option compared to going tubeless. For more information, see our inner tube guide.

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    Ferrari 500 Superfast Recommended Tyres


    Starting at £418.80 £349.00

  2. Michelin 15/17H Offset Valve Inner Tube
    Michelin 15/17H Offset Valve Inner Tube

    Starting at £31.20 £26.00

  3. Other Options for Ferrari 500 Superfast Tyres

  4. 215/70VR15 Michelin XWX
    215/70VR15 Michelin XWX

    Starting at £452.40 £377.00

  5. 215/70VR15 Avon CR6ZZ
    215/70 VR 15 Avon CR6ZZ

    Starting at £430.80 £359.00

  6. 205VR15 Avon Turbosteel
    205 R 15 Avon Textile

    Starting at £406.80 £339.00

  7. 215/70VR15 Vredestein Classic
    215/70 - 15 Vredestein Classic

    Starting at £343.20 £286.00

  8. Set of 4 205VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72
    Set of 4 205 R15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72

    Starting at £1,570.80 £1,309.00

  9. Jeu de 5 205VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72
    Set of 5 205VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72

    Starting at £1,954.80 £1,629.00

  10. Jeu de 4 215/70VR15 Michelin XWX
    Set of 4 215/70R15 Michelin XWX

    Starting at £1,596.00 £1,330.00

  11. Jeu de 5 215/70VR15 Michelin XWX
    Set of 5 215/70 VR 15 Michelin XWX

    Starting at £1,980.00 £1,650.00

  12. Set of 4, 2 215/70VR15 Michelin XWX and 2 225/70VR15 Michelin XWX
    Set of 2 215/70 VR 15 & 2 225/70 VR 15 Michelin XWX

    Starting at £1,680.00 £1,400.00

11 Items

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History of the Ferrari 500 Superfast

The 500 Superfast was Ferrari's premium tourer, following the 400 and 410 Super America series. With a large-displacement V12 and plenty of interior room, it was Ferrari's ideal cruiser. These cars were twice as costly as the more powerful 275 GTB and were only built at a pace of two per month by Pininfarina.

The bare chassis were delivered to Pininfarina's workshop in Turin, where they were modified with bodywork and interiors. The body was made of steel and was an upgraded version of the Aerodynamic design that was initially seen on the Ferrari 400 series. It featured an oval grill, projecting fenders, and twin bumpers that were eventually adopted by Ferrari's entire fleet. The distinctive rear end of this automobile, with an exceptionally lengthy overhang that incorporated a semi-fastback trunk and rear Kamm tail, was what set it apart. Despite its large size, the elegance of these features made the design arguably more beautiful than the following Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 and 365 GT 2+2.

Inside, passengers were treated to a large interior space, with adjustable seats, Connolly leather, a wide baggage platform, fluted headlining, teak veneers, and a wooden dash with a plethora of instruments, technologically advanced for its time.To differentiate the Superfast from Ferrari's 330 GT 2+2, Colombo created a new Tipo 208 SOHC engine with a 5L displacement. It produced 400 horsepower, which was more than enough for the car's hefty body, propelling it to 174 mph. This was coupled with a four-speed manual gearbox with overdrive. The chassis came from the 330 GT 2+2 series. Due to the high cost and extensive detail work required by Pininfarina, only 25 Series I Superfasts' were built. In 1967, 11 more second series' vehicles were produced.

Ferrari 500 Superfast
Ferrari 500 Superfast Tyres

Borrani Wire Wheels

Borrani wheels are available for your Ferrari 500 Superfast. As agents for the iconic Ruote Borrani Milano company we are able to supply all wheels from their extensive range.

If your Borrani wheels require rebuilding then please contact us at [email protected]

Wire wheels made by Ruote Borrani Milano are, without doubt, the best wire wheels available. Borrani wheels utilise aluminium rims, steel spokes and steel wheel centres.

Click the link for Ferrari 500 Superfast Borrani wheels.

Wheels made by Borrani are available in the following styles:

  • Painted silver finish, as per the racing wheels of the period
  • Polished and chrome finish, highly polished rim, chrome spokes & wheel centre
  • Painted finish with polished outer edge

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