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Longstone Tyres can now supply the 165 HR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67. The majority of Alfa Romeo cars fitted 165R14 tyres from 1969 right through to the early '80's. The handling of rear wheel drive sports cars, such as the Alfa Romeo, in this period are suited to progressive tyres, which is why Alfa fitted the 165R14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™.

Except for the Montreal, Alfa continue to fit the size 165R14 on their rear wheel drive cars right up until the 1977 Alfetta where they started to offer a 185/70R14. Cars such as the Spider 2000 were still fitting 165R14 tyres 10 years after the introduction of low profile tyres, because that is the way these cars handled the best.

There is always a debate about fitting original equipment tyres. People are often tempted by cheaper tyres in modern sizes, they are cheaper now because they are mass produced. The argument is whether modern sizes are better. Modern tyres compliment modern cars, but over tyre-ing a classic car will affect its progressive handling.

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Alfa Romeo Tyres

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Vintage Alfa Romeo Tyres

In these pages we make recommendations for tyre fitments for your classic Alfa Romeo. The recommendations we give are what we believe will make your Alfa Romeo handle as well as possible. Often Alfa Romeo's of this period are over tyred which will make the steering heavier which is not, we believe, why you would buy an Alfa Romeo.

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