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Audi Quattro

Audi Quattro Tyres

Original equipment tyres as recommended by Longstone Tyres

  • The first few Audi Quattro cars came fitted with 205/60R15 tyre.
  • In 1984 the Audi Quattro fitted 215/50R15 Pirelli Cinturato P7.
  • In 1990 they moved with the times and changed to the new 215/50ZR15 Pirelli P700-Z.
  • Longstone tyres recommended tyre 215/50ZR15 Pirelli P700-Z, this is backed up by Audi’s AO homologation.
  • Suggested tyre pressures for the UR Audi Quattro 30psi front and rear.
  • The Audi UR Quattro Short Sport fitted 235/45R15 P700-Z.
Audi Quattro Fitment


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Audi UR Quattro Tyres

For some years now, it has not been possible to get a correct tyre for your Audi UR Quattro; however good old Pirelli have stepped up to the mark in re-producing the original  215/50ZR15 PIRELLI P700-Z . Audi themselves have been involved in the production and the tyre has been awarded AO Audi Homologation.

A small production of the  235/45ZR15 PIRELLI P700-Z  has also been produced for the ultra-rare Short Sport Quattro