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Audi Quattro 1AA Second Series

Audi Quattro 1AA Second Series

Audi Quattro 1980–1991

It is worth noting that Audi originally fitted the 215 on an 8” wheel rim on the UR Quattro which would be outside ETRETO max wheel rim width of 7.5”, However Pirelli issued this conformity letter to confirm the suitability. All homologation testing was done on that size rim.

Audi Quattro 1993 Pirelli Fitment Guide

Audi Quattro 1993 Pirelli Fitment Guide

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Audi UR Quattro Tyres

  • For some years now, it has not been possible to get a correct tyre for your Audi UR Quattro; however, good old Pirelli have stepped up to the mark in re-producing the original 215/50ZR15 PIRELLI P700-Z . Audi themselves have been involved in the production and the tyre has been awarded AO Audi Homologation.
  • A small production of the 235/45ZR15 PIRELLI P700-Z has also been produced for the ultra-rare Short Sport Quattro.

Audi UR Quattro History

The Audi Quattro was the first rally car to take advantage of the then newly revised rules, allowing the use of four-wheel drive in competition racing, subsequently it won rally competitions 2 years in a row. To honour the inaugural vehicle's success, all future Audi production vehicles equipped with this four-wheel-drive technology were stamped with the trademark quattro with a lower case 'q'.

Jörg Bensinger, Audi's chassis engineer, suggested the concept of a high-performance four-wheel-drive automobile in 1977 after seeing that his Volkswagen Iltis military vehicle outperformed other cars when tested in the snow. The first Quattro was presented to European consumers in late 1980, sporting Audi's quattro four-wheel drive technology, being the first to marry the front-engine, four-wheel-drive configuration with a turbocharged engine.

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