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Scroll through the simple drop down list of typical vintage & classic car marques, find your ride, and we will offer a wide range of classic car tyres, and also offer our opinion of what is the best tyre for your automobile. For more information read our classic car tyres Q & A.

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  • Find your vehicle from the classic car tyre search options above.
  • The website will take you to a individual page about your car and recommend a selection of classic car tyres specifically for you.
  • Each classic car tyre page will usually offer original equipment, our suggestion (if different) and a selection of alternative classic car tyres.

Classic Car Tyres Q&A

Who makes the best classic car tyres?

At Longstone we are big advocates of the Michelin Collection and Pirelli Collezione ranges of classic car tyres.

Who fits classic car tyres?

We provide a classic tyre fitting service Bawtry and VSCC race meetings.

How do I get my vintage crossply car tyres fitted in Lisbon?

We ship classic car tyres to your door all over the world. People drive their classic car to their local tyre dealer who will fit them without a problem.

How much would it cost to ship a set of tyres for my old Ferrari 308 to America?

Generally speaking we ship tyres for classic cars such as Ferrari 308 to North America free of shipping charges.

How long does it take to ship classic car tyres to USA?

Approximately a week. However we can easily arrange express services which are surprisingly good value.

How much does it cost to ship classic car tyres to Sweden?

We ship the Michelin Collection and Pirelli Collezione range of tyres all over Europe free of charge. Other brands we have a minimal charge.

Who Makes the best value vintage car tyres?

The Lucas range of vintage bias ply tyres is very good value considering it’s quality. This includes the 30X3.5 Wards Riverside, for Model T, and 650X19 Custom Classic for Vintage Rolls Royce.

Do you sell Dunlop classic car tyres?

We sell Dunlop Racing tyres. Some of which are road legal. However Dunlop no longer make any historic road tyres. Even the 185VR15 SP Sport Aquajet is made else where under licence.

Who makes the best value classic car tyres?

That very much depends on what you mean by good value classic car tyres. We suggest that buying the best quality is the best value, so are still advocates of Michelin and Pirelli although they are far from the cheapest.

How much does it cost to ship classic car tyres to Japan?

We do ship all over the world, and you will be surprised how good value it is. The Michelin & Pirelli ranges of classic car tyres have subsidised shipping costs. Choose your tyres. Go through the buying process and your basket will work out your shipping costs.

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Alternatively you can use the search boxes below, choose your specific model of classic auto. It will take you to a bespoke page about your model of vintage car and recommend the best tyres to compliment your old car, and also show a wide range of other classic car tyre alternatives. From old jalopy to exotic roaster we typically offer a choice of standard original equipment, performance, budget and classic racing car tyres.


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