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145/70 R 12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 Tyres



  • The Pirelli Cinturato CN54 debuted in 1972.
  • The revived Cinturato CN54 joins the Pirelli Collezione, a collection of tyres devoted to automobiles produced between 1950 and 1980.
  • Ideal cars for the CN54 tyre include the Autobianchi Bianchino, Inocenti 90 & 650, the NSU Prinz, Suzuki Alto, and Fiat 500.
  • The CN54 can be run tubeless, but inner tubes can still be fitted, and the ideal tube for (125SR12 & 145/70 R 12) CN54 tyres are Michelin 12C Offset Valve Inner Tube.
1964 Fiat 600 Berlina Abarth 1000 TC Style

1964 Fiat 600 Berlina Abarth 1000 TC Style

Fiat 500 Classic Tyres

The Fiat 500, which was built between 1957 and 1975, is one of Italy's treasures, and Pirelli is now honouring this classic by re-releasing one of the tyres it wore when new. It has reproduced the PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 in size 125 R 12, perfect for the Fiat 500.

A 145/70 R 12 tyre is a larger, low-profile alternative to a 125 R12; therefore, owners of old Fiat 500, Fiat 600, very early Fiat 850, and Abarth 695 automobiles can opt for a 145/70 R 12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54.

15 Items

15 Items

CN54 Tyres - Classic Mini on 145/70 R 12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 Tyres

Classic Mini on 145/70 R 12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 Tyres


The CN54 tyre is part of the Pirelli Collezione range, specifically designed for various versions of the Mini, including those manufactured and sold under license by Innocenti and the classic Mini models. The Cinturato CN54 was originally launched in 1972, with dimensions of 145/70 R12. It is a radial tyre, maintaining the original tread design and sidewall appearance, but manufactured with modern technologies to ensure reliability and safety without compromising the original style.

Pirelli's development of the CN54 involved adapting the original design criteria for modern materials and processes, utilizing the company's historical archives of documents, pictures, and design drawings. The tyre was a result of Pirelli's long association with the Mini, dating back to 1964 when they first considered a Cinturato radial tyre for the Mini. In the 1970s, Pirelli developed tyres specifically for the Mini models, and in the 1980s, they created the Pirelli "P3" for small city cars like the Mini.

The CN54 tyre combines the charm and style of the classic Mini with contemporary tyre technology, offering Mini owners a tyre choice that respects the car's heritage while delivering modern performance and safety.

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