Renault Alpine Tyres

There have been a couple of developments in the range of tyres available for the Renault Alpine, which can only be good news for owners and drivers.

Alpine A110 Tyres

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Alpine A110 Tyres

We still have the 165HR13 Michelin XAS asymmetric tyres of 1965 for the Alpine A110. There is now also a 165R13 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet, Though not really what you would expect to see on an A110 Apine. More importantly in the very near future we will have the Pirelli 165R13 CN36 of 1968. For cars with wider wheels Pirelli also make a 175/70VR13 CN36 and a 185/70VR13 CN36 tyres which are very sensibly priced. And of course Michelin also make the 185/70VR13 XDX, and a wide range of road legal TB15 intermediate TB5F & TB5R semi slick tarmac Rally tyres, which these days is competing with the Pirelli Cinturato Corsa Classica.


Alpine A310 Tyres
  • The Michelin 185 HR 13 XAS is back in stock! We were under the impression that Michelin would not make this tyre again, but they have made a fresh batch, don’t miss them. They don’t fit anything else, but they fitted the rear of the 1600 A310 matched with a 165HR13 Michelin XAS on the front, which is also available from stock.
  • The V6 Alpine A310 of 1976 upped the rim width and fitted 185/70V13 front and 205/70VR13 Michelin XDX on the rear. Again that rear tyre is extraordinary, in that cars that fit 13” wheels don’t tend to have such a tall tyre. So really we are very fortunate that Michelin make them.
  • In the 1970s Michelins developments into extremely low profile tyres led to the development of the TRX systems of millimetric rims and tyres. They were truly ground braking, so in 1980 Alpine used them with 190/55R340 TRX on the front. Some cars fitted 200/60VR365 TRX on the rear others 220/55VR365 TRX. Today the front is still made, but it didn’t justify making both rears, but Michelin do continue to make the 220/55VR365 TRX because that tyre is capable of fitting on either rim.
  • The other fantastic development for the Alpine A310 is that Pirelli make the 285/40VR15 Cinturato P7 again, which matched with 205/50VR15 Pirelli P7 on the front is what the A310 V6 GT Boulogne fitted from July 1983.
  • Again there is the wide range of Pirelli P7 Corsa Classica and Michelin TB tyres for tarmac rallying, but Pirelli range of road tyre Cinturato P7 tyres caters for a wide range of 15” an d 16” rims.

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