XJS HE Tyres

Jaguar XJS Tyres

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Towards the end of the production of the pre HE Jaguar XJS, Jaguar started to take advantage of the new Pirelli P5 tyre that Pirelli and Jaguar had developed between them. The 6 cylinder XJS fitting the 205/70VR15 Pirelli Cinturato P5 and the XJS V12 fitting 215/70VR15 Cinturato P5. Both these tyres are being produced again by Pirelli for the, and have been homologated by Jaguar with a J. They are both also W speed rated.

Jaguar XJS HE 235/60 R15 Tyres

Towards the very end of the 1980s the various models of XJS HE Jaguar started moving over to fitting the 235/60VR15 Pirelli P600 tyres. These tyres were only fitted to the XJS for a few years as they soon moved onto fitting 16” wheels. The 16” wheels will not of course offer as much comfort as a 15” wheel, as you have lost ½” of side wall with witch to absorb vibration and the shocks of the road.

Jaguar XJS With 225/65R15 P5 Tyres

235/60 R15 P600 XJS Tyres

Currently the 235/60 R15 Pirelli P600 is out of stock. We have been in contact with Pirelli asking them to make these tyres again. The good news is that all though this tyre does not fit anything else Pirelli are going to make it again specifically for the XJS HE. This is a complicated situation, due to the minimal demand for this tyre, and the current climate where getting anything done is far more complicated than usual. The knock on result is that we do not have a date for production, but what we do have is a solid commitment from Pirelli that they will be made again, so please don’t rush off and buy 16” wheels. The 235/60 R15 P600 will be made again and we will do our best to keep the price sensible.

235/60 R15 P600 and the 225/65R15 P5

235/60R15 Alternative Tyres

Around the same time as Jaguar were fitting 235/60R15 Pirelli P600 onto the XJS HE, they were also making the XJ40 as their luxury Saloon car The XJ40 came with either 390mm Michelin TRX wheels or it fitted 225/65R15 Pirelli P5 tyres. The dimensions of the 235/60 R15 P600 and the 225/65R15 P5 are virtually identical. we have been fitting the 225/65R15 P5 onto the XJS HE with excellent results, and customers getting back to us saying how happy they are with the ride, grip and handling of this alternative tyre. We have no doubt in suggesting that a late 1980 XJS that would originally fit 235/60R15 will be superb fitted with the 225/65 R15 P5. We hope these accompanying pictures prove that point.

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