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1970 Toyopet Crown Super Deluxe

1970 Toyopet Crown Super Deluxe

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History of the Toyota Crown

The Toyopet Crown was released to the public in 1955 alongside its Toyopet Master commercial variation and Toyopet Patrol, the police car variation. The Crown was a response to Japan's growing public transportation infrastructure, with the crown featuring affordable equipment to keep the price down, making a car that was widely available for the average consumer. A 1.5L type R straight 4 engine was used in both the Crown and Master, Toyota sought to keep lower engine displacements with the introduction of road tax in Japan at this time, although this was not the focus of the future Crowns as the Toyopet Corona would assume the design features of this generation.

The second generation of Toyopet Crown went through a huge restyling, shifting from a short sedan to a huge, stretched-out, luxury sedan that featured a 1.9L straight 4. This design is what would carry the Crown's future designs forward, as the crown became Toyotas mainstream sedan, with the Luxury aspect in future models being pushed into the Lexus GS series in 1989, of which it shares the Crown's platform and powertrain designs.

In 1965 Toyota's M series of Straight 6 engines were introduced and installed in the Crown S which was a Crown with a heavy focus on Luxury. The Crown would continue fitting inline 4 engines in its standard models until 1983 which was the first model to exclude the inline 4 R series of engines from its Crown line. This decade was also when the Crown ceased export en masse to the European market, largely due to the Supra's success there and its identical engine specifications.

Innertube Guide

1978 Dunlop Toyota Fitment Guide Pg2

1978 Dunlop Toyota Fitment Guide Pg2

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