Classic Toyota Tyres

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We have set up a dedicated Toyota section on our website for classic Toyota owners to buy high-quality tyres and access fitment information for popular Toyota models. The popularity of classic Toyota cars has grown over the years and are still on the rise as Youngtimer car owners have taken a shine to the late '80s to early 2000's Toyota cars, thanks largely in part to the media of the late '90s and the 2000's such as the Fast and Furious™ franchise and the Need for Speed™ video game series which featured many Japanese sports cars that stuck with many youngtimer car fans from their childhood to the modern-day. Media has influenced classic car popularity, and classic car sales since people have had widespread available access to media, with James Bond's DB5 in Goldfinger or the Volkswagen Beetle as Herbie which influenced a whole generation of kids from the '60s into loving these cars. The reliability and adaptability of Toyota cars have been a key feature in making these the favourites of many owners, with Corollas and Supras being very tuneable and modifiable, and the Toyota Camry is renowned for its reliability.

Following the rise of the classic Toyota, we now have fitments for a range of classic Toyotas from Youngtimer modern classics, to 60's sports car icons. The Toyota tyres we stock are, as follows:

The Toyota 1000, otherwise known as the Publica, and the Toyota Starlet, Toyota's classic Supermini offerings.

The Toyota 2000GT, probably the most influential car in Japanese automotive engineering.

The Toyota Camry, the United States' favourite saloon.

The Toyota Carina, the predecessor to the Camry.

The Toyota Celica, the ultimate japanese rally car.

The Toyota Corolla, the best selling nameplate in the world.

The Toyota Corona, Toyota's entrance into export.

The Toyota Crown, Toyota's longest running production model.

The Toyota MR2, Japan's first mid-engine production car.

And lastly, the Toyota Supra. The quintessential Japanese sports car.

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Toyota Michelin PE2 Tyres

Many of these Toyota cars in the late '80s and throughout the '90s are able to fit the amazing Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 range of tyres. The PE2 tyres offer competition performance and road safety and are perfectly suited to retro sports cars, hot hatches, and roadsters and they will make a brilliant fit to many of the aforementioned Toyota Cars.

Toyota Pirelli P7 Tyres

Supras and MR2s can fit the Pirelli P7 tyre, this tyre is a phenomenal sports car and supercar tyre that was fitted as original equipment to many sports cars of the 80's and 90's, these ultra-low profiles feature what was the most innovative features in tyre technology at the time, allowing for precision control at high speeds, meaning you can get the best out of these cars with the Pirelli P7.

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