Inner Tubes

To find the correct inner tube for your classic car please choose your classic tyre size from the drop down list below, this will then tell you which inner tube you should fit.

It is worth pointing out that we strongly recommend fitting Michelin inner tubes to your classic car. We will offer Michelin in every circumstance where they are available. Where there isn’t a Michelin tube that fits we have offered the best one possible. In some sizes there maybe some alternative tubes, but please use a Michelin tube where you can – we like happy customers.

You may find there is an option of central valve or offset valve inner tubes. This describes how the valve exits your wheel rim, through the centre of the wheel (central valve) or from the side of the wheel (offset valve). The majority of European vintage and classic cars from the mid '20 will want an offset valve on their inner tube. Vintage cars with beaded edge tyres and some American cars such as a Model A Ford stuck with central valve inner tubes. H/D denotes heavy duty inner tubes.

Rim tapes are used on wire wheels to protect the inner tube from the spoke ends in the centre of the wheel and are available in two sizes, 14" - 17" and 18" - 21"

Flaps are essentially very heavy duty rim tapes and are used solely in straight sided wheels.

Inner Tubes

Inner tubes were essential with all manner of tyres until the safety rib was developed and the tubeless wheel rim. When a tyre is 70% profile or taller it can be fitted with an inner tube. Tyres that are 65% profile or less should not run an inner tube.

Classic Car Inner Tubes

A large portion of the classic cars on the road today are fitted with wire wheels. Wire wheels were designed to be fitted with inner tubes. All the tyres that were fitted to the classic cars with wire wheels were not low profile tyres and therefore should fit inner tubes.

Tyre sizeInnertube
125R40016c offset
125x1212c offset
125x1515cb offset
125x38015cb offset
12x4518c reinforced central
13/14x4518c reinforced central
130/140x4016e offset
130x4016e offset
135R40016c offset
135x1212cg offset
135x1515cb offset
135x38015cb offset
13x4518c reinforced central
14/15/16x5020h-1 central
140x4016e offset
145/70x1212cg offset
145R40016e offset
145x1212cg offset
145x1313cg offset
145x1414cg offset
145x1515e offset
145x38015e offset
14x4518c reinforced central
14x5020h central
15/16x4518c reinforced central
15/16x5020h central
150/160x4016f reinforced offset
150/160x40 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
150x4016f reinforced offset
150x40 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
155/70x1212cg offset
155R40016e offset
155x1212d13 offset
155x1313d offset
155x1414d offset
155x1515e offset
155x38015e offset
15x4518c reinforced central
15x5020h central
160x4016e offset
165R40016e offset
165x1313d offset
165x1414d offset
165x1515e offset
165x1616e offset
165x38015e offset
16x4518c reinforced central
16x5020h central
175/70x1313e offset
175/70x1515e offset
175x1313e offset
175x1414e offset
175x1616e offset
175R40016f offset
17R40016f reinforced offset
17R400 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
180x1515e offset
185/70x1313e offset
185/70x1414e offset
185/70x1515e offset
185R40016f reinforced offset
185R400 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
185x1313f offset
185x1414f offset
185x1515f offset
185x1616f reinforced offset
185x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
185x38015f offset
195/70x1414f offset
195/70x1515f offset
195/75x1414f offset
205/70x1313f offset
205/70x1414f offset
205/70x1515f offset
205x1414f offset
205x1515-17h offset
215/70x1414h offset
215/70x1515-17h offset
ER/70 R 1515f offset
215/75x1515-17h offset
225/70x1414h offset
225/70x1515j offset
225/75x1414h offset
225/75x1515j offset
235/70x1515j offset
235/75x1515j offset
26x2-521mdr central
26x321mdr central
28x321mdr central
300x2021mdr central
30x3Model T central tube
30x3 1/2Model T central tube
31x4815 x 105 reinforced tube
325x1717mg central
325x2021mdr central
32x4880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
32x4 1/2815 x 105 reinforced tube
33x4880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
33x4 1/2880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
34x4880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
34x5880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
35x5880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
350x1616c offset
350x1717mg central
350x1818mfr central
350x1919mf central
350x2021mdr central
36x4880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
36x4 1/2880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
400/425/440x1515cb offset
400/425x1515cb offset
400/425x1717mg central
400/450x1818mfr central
400/450x1919mfr central
400x1515cb offset
400x1717mg central
400x1818mfr central
400x1919mfr central
425/440x1515cb offset
425x1515cb offset
425x1717mg central
440/450x2120/21 cd reinforced offsetor 440/550x20/21 Central Valve
440x1515cb offset
440x2120/21 cd reinforced offsetor 440/550x20/21 Central Valve
450/475x1616c offset
450/475x2120/21 cd reinforced offsetor 440/550x20/21 Central Valve
450/500x1717/18 e reinforced offset
450x1212d13 offset
450x1313d offset
450x15 Racing Tuberace-tube-metal-valve-stem-450x15
450x1616c offset
450x1716e offset
450x1818mfr central
450x19kleber-1 offset
450x19 Racing Tube450/500 x 19 race tube
450x2020/21 cd reinforced offset
450x2120/21 cd reinforced offsetor 440/550x20/21 Central Valve
475/500x1717/18 e reinforced offset
475/500x1817/18 e reinforced offset
475/500x1918/19 cd reinforced offsetor 475/550x19/20 Central Valve
475/500x2020/21 cd reinforced offset
475/525x1817/18 e reinforced offset
475x1616c offset
475x1717/18 e reinforced offset
475x1818/19 cd reinforced offset
475x1918/19 cd reinforced offsetor 475/550x19/20 Central Valve
475x2020/21 cd reinforced offset
475x2120/21 cd reinforced offsetor 440/550x20/21 Central Valve
500/520x1414cg offset
500/525x1616e offset
500/525x2119/20 h reinforced offset
500/550x1616e offset
500/600x1919/20 h reinforced offset
500/600x2119/20 h reinforced offset
500x1414cg offset
500x1515e offset
500x15 Racing Tube500/550 x 15 race tube
500x1616e offset
500x1717/18 e reinforced offset
500x1817/18 e reinforced offset
500x1918/19 cd reinforced offsetor 475/550x19/20 Central Valve
500x19 Racing Tube450/500 x 19 race tube
500x2020/21 cd reinforced offset
500x2119/20 h reinforced offset
500x23815 x 105 reinforced tube
500x24880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
520x1313cg offset
520x1414cg offset
525/550x1717/18 e reinforced offset
525/550x1817/18 e reinforced offset
525/550x1919/20 h reinforced offset
525/600x1919/20 h reinforced offset
525x1313d offset
525x1616e offset
525x1717/18 e reinforced offset
525x1817/18 e reinforced offset
525x1919/20 h reinforced offset
525x2020/21 cd reinforced offset
525x2119/20 h reinforced offset
550/600x1817/18 h reinforced offset
550/600x1919/20 h reinforced offset
550/600x2019/20 h reinforced offset
550/600x2119/20 h reinforced offset
550x1313cg offset
550x1414cg offset
550x1515e offset
550x15 Racing Tube500/550 x 15 race tube
550x1616e offset
550x16 Racing Tube550/650 x 16 race tube
550x1717/18 e reinforced offset
550x1817/18 h reinforced offset
550x18 Racing Tube550/600 x 18-19 race tube
550/600x18 Racing Tube550/600 x 18-19 race tube
550x1919/20 h reinforced offset
550x2019/20 h reinforced offset
550x2119/20 h reinforced offset
560x1313d offset
560x1414cg offset
560x1515e offset
575/600x1616f reinforced offset
575/600x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
575x1616f reinforced offset
575x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
590x1313d offset
590x1414d offset
590x1515e offset
600/640x1515f offset
600/650x1717/18 h reinforced offset
600/650x1817/18 h reinforced offset
600/650x1919/20 h reinforced offset
600/650x2019/20 h reinforced offset
600x1515f offset
600x15 Racing Tube600/650 x 15 race tube
600x1616f reinforced offset
600x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
600x16 Racing Tube550/650 x 16 race tube
600x1717/18 h reinforced offset
600x1817/18 h reinforced offset
600x18 Racing Tube550/600 x 18-19 race tube
600x1919/20 h reinforced offset
600x19 Racing Tube550/600 x 18-19 race tube
600x2019/20 h reinforced offset
600x2119/20 h reinforced offset
600x22820 x 120 heavy duty central inner tube
640x1313f offset
640x1515f offset
650/700x1717/18 h reinforced offset
650/700x1919/20 h reinforced offset
650/700x2019/20 h reinforced offset
650x1515f offset
650x15 Racing Tube600/650 x 15 race tube
650x1616f reinforced offset
650x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
650x16 Racing Tube550/650 x 16 race tube
650x1717/18 h reinforced offset
650x1817/18 h reinforced offset
650x1919/20 h reinforced offset
650x2019/20 h reinforced offset
670x1515f offset
670x1616f reinforced offset
670x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
695x1414f offset
700x1515-17h offset
700x1616f reinforced offset
700x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
700x1717/18 h reinforced offset
700x1817/18 h reinforced offset
700x18 Racing Tube650/700 x 18-19 race tube
700x1919/20 h reinforced offset
700x19 Racing Tube650/700 x 18-19 race tube
700x2019/20 h reinforced offset
700x2119/20 h reinforced offset
710x90central-valve-h-d-michelin-tube-710x90 reinforced
715x11518c reinforced central
720x12018c reinforced central
725x1313f offset
730x13018c reinforced central
740x14018c reinforced central
750x1313f offset
750x1616f reinforced offset
750x16 Fat valve stem16f-tr15 offset
750x2019/20 h reinforced offset
760x1515-17h offset
760x90central-valve-h-d-michelin-tube-760x90 reinforced
800x1515j offset
810x90central-valve-h-d-michelin-tube-760x90 reinforced
815x105815 x 105 reinforced tube
815x1515j offset
820x1515j offset
875x105880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
880x120880 x 120 heavy duty central tube
890x1515j offset
895x135895 x 135 tube

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