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PIRELLI P700-Z Tyres

For some time now a good tyre has not been available for the Audi Quattro, so we are very pleased that PIRELLI have bitten the bullet and come up with such a superb quality original equipment tyre and they look great too.

  • Precision high speed sports handling
  • Excellent braking particularly in the wet
  • Minimised noise level
  • Exceptional resistance to aquaplaning both on the straight and while cornering
  • The original equipment tyre for the Audi Quattro was Pirelli 215/50R15 P7, later 215/50R15 Pirelli P700-Z
  • Recommended tyre pressures for the Audi Quattro are 30psi front and rear
  • Today the best tyre for an Audi Quattro is the 215/50R15 Pirelli P700-Z