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Jaguar XJ12

Jaguar XJ12 tyres

For all models of the XJ12 Jaguar saloon we recommend either Michelin XWX which is a really durable period tyre that can withstand heat, and will handle really well at high speeds and perform excellently on motorways and dual carriage ways. It is worth noting that XWX was what Ferrari fitted to their Daytona & 330 GT and some British Police forces fitted the XWX to their Jaguar Jam sandwich XJ saloons.

The CN12 by Pirelli is also an extremely high performance tyre with a W speed rating and will perform excellently in the wet, and provide excellent comfort and grip. Worth noting that the Pirelli Cinturato CN12 was fitted to Lamborghini cars such as their Espada & Muira.


Recommended Products for Jaguar XJ12

In 1982 Jaguar developed the XJ12 HE (or High efficiency) improved model of the XJ12, one off the improvements was to fit 215/70VR15 tyres instead of the 205/70VR15. There by fitting a taller tyre to improve the gearing and clearance. They also fitted a PIRELLI P4000. Currently Longstone would suggest the best tyre for these fantastic XJ12 saloons and of course the XJC V12 would be the 215/70VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™.

When Jaguar first introduced their XJ12, V12 model of their excellent XJ6 saloon, they initially stuck with the same size tyre as the XJ6 which was ER/70VR15 or as we now know it today 205/70VR15. We would suggest that the 2 best tyres for these cars are either 205/70WR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN12 or 205/70VR15 Michelin XWX and the temptation would be to fit PIRELLI due to Jaguars long standing relationship with PIRELLI.

Tyre Pressures

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