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Mazda MX 5 Tyres

Mazda Mx-5 Tyres

Mazda MX-5 Second Generation

  • From its release in 1989, the first MX-5 fitted 185/60HR14 Dunlop SP Sport D89 on 5.5” wide 14” Alloy wheels.
  • Mazda soon started to offer 185/60R14 Bridgestone SF-325 os original equipment on the MK1 MX-5 until 2001.
  • From its release in 1989 to the start of 2001, the original equipment tyre on the Mazda MX5 was 185/60R14 Bridgestone SF-325.
  • For this size, we recommend the 185/60 VR 14 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 tyre.
  • Tyre pressures for generation 1 MX-5 with pop-up headlights and 14” wheels, we suggest 26psi front and rear.
  • From 2001, the second generation Mazda MX-5 without the pop up headlights standard size became 195/50R15. We recommend the 195/50 VR 15 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 as the best available tyre in this size.
  • Tyre pressures for the Mazda MX5 (commonly referred to as the Miata in North America) fitted with 15” wheels, we suggest 26 psi front and rear. With 30psi for the track.
  • Some MX-5 Mazda Miata owners like larger tyre options, such as 205/50 VR 15 Pirelli P7.
  • Some of the later Mazda Miata LS MX5 fit 16” wheels with 205/45R16 tyres.
  • In Longstone's view, these later larger wheels and wider lower-profile tyres are moving away from what makes the MX-5 such an ace little car.
  • Tyres with a profile below 70% (e.g 185/60 VR 14 Michelin Pilot Exalto) should not fit innertubes.
  • If you're in any doubt as to which tyre you need, please call us on +44 (0) 1302 711 123 and one of our tyre boffins can help you figure out what you need!

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    Mazda MX-5 Recommended Tyres

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MX5 Mazda Tyres

Q: What size 16” wheels fit on a Mazda MX5 Miata?

A: The Mazda Miata MX5 LS fitted 205/45R16 tyres on 6.5” wide wheels. However it is worth noting that moving onto the wider tyres and lower profile tyres moves away from the light nimble sports car that made the little MX-5 the joy to drive that we all love.

Q: What is a Mazda Miata?

A: In the States the Mazda MX-5 has the name Mazda Miata.

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