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Radial Classic and Vintage Tyres Recommendations

Radial tyres became the predominant tyres in the 1950's and 60's. Longstone Classic Tyres can offer 
radial tyres as an alternative to classic cross ply tyres.

For help finding the correct classic radial tyres for your classic car, phone us on 
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Radial Car Tyres Construction

The first radial car tyres were marketed as the Michelin "X" in 1949. At that time Lancia was the first company to offer Michelin's radial tyres as original equipment on the Aurelia. The Radial Michelin X began a long line of revolutionary tyre designs which include: 

Radial Michelin ZX tyres
Radial Michelin XAS tyres
Radial Michelin XWX tyres
Radial Michelin TRX tyres

Classic Radial Tyres

The radial tyre was first patented by Michelin in 1946 after years of research. The beauty of the radial tyre design is that it separates the functions of the sidewall and crown of the tyre, allowing greater vertical flexibility whilst ensuring that there is still as much tyre surface in contact with the road as possible. In classic radial tyres the sidewall has a one or two layers of textile cord giving good flexibility and the radial tyre tread is made rigid by combining the casing layer with two (or more) layers of steel cord bracing plies of the radial tyres. Both these factors give the classic radial tyre excellent road holding capabilities and a longer life span when compared to classic cross-ply tyres.

Radial Tires

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