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Lancia Aurelia Lancia Aurelia Tyres

In 1950 the Lancia Aurelia was introduced to the public at the Turin Motorshow. Designed by Vittorio Jano, it bristled with innovation. Under the four door, pillar-less saloon body, the Aurelia sported an all-alloy V6 engine. The four-speed transaxle, complete with in-board brakes and column gear change, ensured good weight distribution, while the all independent suspension, via sliding pillars/coil springs at the front and semi-trailing arms at the rear, together with the then revolutionary 165x400 Michelin radial tyres, guaranteed fantastic roadholding and handling. The Lancia Aurelia was the first car to race at Le Mans on radial tyres with the Michelin X tyres 1951. A few years later the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ 165x400 was offered for the Aurelia as a more sporting, progressive tyre, now made with a higher speed rating.

The first in the Aurelia series was the B10 berlina. Power came from a 1574 cc engine producing nearly 60 horsepower. The car was initially criticized for its (lack of) performance so Lancia answered the critics with the introduction of the B21 produced a year later. There was little to visibly distinguish the B10 from the B21, the 1574 cc engine was replaced with a 1991 cc engine producing 70 horsepower. To add sporty-appeal, a B20 GT Coupe was introduced in the same year. The two-door coupe was designed by Boano from Ghia. Gianpaolo Boano was the son of Ghia owner Mario Felice Boano. Production was handled by Pininfarina. It sat on a shortened chassis and used a tuned-version of the 1991 cc engine producing 75 horsepower. Production was low with only 500 examples produced. A second coupe series was created using a further tweaked version of the 1991 cc engine now producing 80 horsepower. Mechanical improvements included better brakes and lowered suspension, both resulting in better performance. Styling changes were mostly confined to the interior, the most noticeable being the instrument panel.

In 1953 Lancia introduced the B20 Coupe, the third in the series, powered by a 2451 cc engine producing nearly 120 horsepower. This marked the first time a left-hand-drive version of the Aurelia could be purchased. The independent rear suspension could not handle the extra power from the new engine so it was changed in favour of a de Dion system. 720 examples were created.

Lancia Aurelia Tyre 

The B12 was one of the first drastic changes to the Aurelia, both mechanically and aesthetically, since its inception. The engine was a 2266 cc powerplant producing 87 horsepower. The rear suspension was changed in favor of a de Dion system. Wind deflectors were placed on the windows and the headlights were changed. During its production lifespan, around 2400 examples were produced.

In 1955 the audience at the Brussels Motor Show was introduced to the B24 Spider. Lancia had tasked Pininfarina to design and produce a limited number of vehicles using a shortened wheelbase from the B12. Power was supplied from a 2451 cc engine. A convertible was later introduced and quickly became the favorite, with 521 Convertibles and 240 Spiders produced.

The production of the berlina ceased in 1955. The Coupe and Convertible series continued until 1958. There were a total of six series for the coupe. The fifth series began to shy away from performance gains and focused more on luxury.

Lancia Aurelia Wheels

Ruote Borrani Milano are happy to announce the launch of the 'new' re-edition Bimetal wheels for the Lancia Aurelia.

Lancia Aurelia Tire Aurelia Lancia Tires

Borrani Bimetal Wheel

Carlo Borrani was a pioneer in the field of alloy rims for wire wheels, and also used these rims for a light wheel with steel centre-piece, initially called "CABO", and later "Bimetal". Many of these wheels were sold in the 50s and 60s either as factory fitment, or as sports upgrades for brands like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati.

Following numerous requests from all over the world, Borrani recently decided to re-issue a limited edition Bimetal wheel for Lancia, identical to the original project (which was launched in July 1952 for the Aurelia models). Now suitable for all six B20 series and other Aurelia variations, the basic wheel measures 165 x 400, using an alloy rim with steel centre-piece. A Bimetal wheel for Flaminia models will follow in due time. Faithful to tradition, the new Bimetals weigh around 20% less than conventional steel wheels, thus importantly reducing the un-sprung weight, and improving the car's handling. As many are ordered for competition & rally use, the wheels are available with or without hubcap attachments at the client's choice.

Aurelia Lancia Aurelia Lancia Tyres

Borrani Bimetal Wheel

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