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18 Inch Radial Tyres

18 Inch Tyres

  • Classic cars don’t tend to fit 18” tyres. Pre war 1930s cars fitted 18” crossply tyres, But some of the Youngtimer Super cars fit 18” radial tyres.
  • Pirelli do make a small batch of specialist post classic youngtimer 18” tyres for Retrocars.
  • They make a 225/40R18 P-Zero Directionale for the front of the Ferrari 348 and Ferrari 355.
  • The 265/40R18” P-Zero Assimetrico is the rear tyre for the 348 and 355 Ferrari.
  • Some models of Bentley Continental fit 18 inch tyres the 285/45ZR18 P-Zero Assimetrico.
  • Some models of Lamborghini Diablo fitted the 335/30 R 18 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico with a 17 inch 245/40R17 P-Zero Assimetrico on the front.

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3 Items

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