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Michelin XAS Tyres

Triumph TR2 Tyres Explained

  • We ship Michelin XAS Tyres to USA, Canada & Europe free of shipping charge and the rest of the world at extraordinarily low prices.
  • First asymmetric tyre developed in 1965.
  • Michelins XAS offered an asymmetric carcass as well as asymmetric tread pattern.
  • XAS offered exceptional road holding in the bends and dramatically improved directional stability.
  • Some sizes are offered as XAS FF – formula France racing compound.

Customer Review

"To all at Longstone Tyres,

Immense thanks for the service! I’m delighted to advise that the tyres & tubes were delivered earlier today, barely 24 hours since they were ordered.

My long standing love affair with Michelin XAS tyres hugging the ground under my venerable Peugeot 404 is about to be renewed!!"

Rob Mann

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13 Items


Michelin XAS Tyres 180HR15 for the Citroen DS

From its launch in 1965, the Michelin XAS tyres remained the reference tyre until the end of the 70s. The first tyre with an asymmetrical tread pattern, the inside and outside of the Michelin XAS tyres work differently to give the car a good balance. 180HR15 Michelin XAS Tires were developed to improve the directional stability of the Citroen DS.

Michelin XAS

Michelin XAS Asymmetrical Tyres are just like a foot

With the XAS, Michelin made more progress by differentiating the many elements that form the tyre, leading to the creation of the Michelin XAS which was the first tyre with an asymmetrical tread pattern. The Michelin XAS was constructed taking into account the different kinds of work done by the shoulders, sidewalls and different parts of the crown, depending on whether they are on the inside or outside relative to the car. Just like a person's foot is asymmetrical, the inside and outside of a tyre work differently to give the car good balance and sure handling.

Michelin XAS Tyres

Driving on the Michelin XAS is like running on rails

This major progress allows the XAS tyre to give:

  • remarkable stability
  • exceptional road holding on bends
  • previously unknown levels of grip in all conditions

Affiche XAS

Michelin XAS FF

The first production tyre designed to run at 210km/h (131 mph). It had such exceptional performance it naturally led to it being used for racing in Formula France from 1968. Named the Michelin XAS FF, it was used for circuit racing, rallies, and hill climbs. The Michelin XAS FF is still available today in some sizes.

Michelin XAS Tyres and Triumph

The legendary handling of the asymmetric Michelin XAS tyres was not wasted on Triumph. They fitted 165HR15 XAS to their TR6 as a simple way of dramatically improving the handling. So impressed by the effects were Triumph that they down sized the tyres on the Stag, which originally fitted 185R14, Triumph found the handling so much better with the XAS that from 1976 they fitted 175R14 Michelin XAS as standard.

Michelin XAS FAQ

Q: What is special about the Michelin XAS?

When Michelin developed the XAS in 1965, it was the first Asymmetric radial tyre. It dramatically improved the directional stability of many cars of the 1960s such as the Citreon DS which tended to wander at cruising speeds until Michelin developed the XAS.

Q: Did the Triumph Stag fit Michelin XAS tyres?

Up until 1976 Triumph fitted 185R14 tyres on their Stag. However after testing they found how much the handling was improved by the smaller 175 section tyre with the improved XAS carcass, so from 1977 onwards the Triumph Stag came fitted with the 175HR14 Michelin XAS.

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