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Michelin TRX Tyres Explained

Michelin TRX Tyres

  • Michelin TRX were ground-breaking super low-profile tyres from 1975.
  • The TRX improved directional stability and longevity.
  • New rim profile in millimetric sizes.
  • Used by Renault and Prost in F1 & Audi Quattro in World Rally.
  • Follow this link to see the Michelin TRX specifications.

Michelin TRX Tyres Ferrari Mondial

Even the pope fits Michelin TRX tyres on his Mondial!

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15 Items


Michelin TRX

This chart displays the extent of the Michelin TRX range that was still being produced in 1996.

Michelin TRX range

The invention of the TRX by Michelin in 1975 permitted a more even distribution of tension in the whole tyre casing, which is where the name TR, standing for "Tension Repartie" ("distributed tension"), comes from. Michelin, with TRX tyres, won renown in Formula 1 racing with Renault and Prost and in the World Rally Championship on the Audi Quattro, 205 Turbo, Renault 16, and 5 Turbo.


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Michelin TRX French Advert

Michelin TRX tyres can only be fitted to Millimetric TRX rims in the following sizes:

  • 340mm Michelin TRX Rim
  • 365mm Michelin TRX Rim
  • 390mm Michelin TRX Rim
  • 415mm Michelin TRX Rim

The TRX is the result of Michelin's extensive research.

For the first time, the tyre and its rim complemented one another perfectly, working as a single unit. The Michelin TRX rim underwent a fundamental transformation, the essential characteristic of which was a flatter, lower flange. This new design of the TRX rim and tyre bead resulted in a gradual curvature of the casing without the "5"-shaped flexing inherent in traditional designs.

Michelin TRX Radial

Michelin made TRX for real directional control

Thanks to this innovative construction, the TRX tyre offers better directional stability and makes a great contribution to the active safety of the vehicle, thanks to its exceptional handling close to the limit, especially when cornering.

  • Remarkable grip thanks to the ideal distribution of pressure in the contact patch.
  • Excellent comfort due to the increased useful flexing zone.
  • New look to the tyre/wheel assembly and the heavily sculpted tread pattern.

Michelin contributed the TRX to the era of Car Safety

The 1970s saw the dawn of increased awareness of the importance of vehicle safety. In many countries, it became compulsory to wear seat belts, and speed limits were introduced on main roads and motorways.

For the tyre, this led to improvements in grip, more precise steering, increased stability, and better levels of comfort, thus avoiding excessive driver fatigue on long journeys. This decade witnessed the advent of high-performance vehicles capable of covering hundreds of miles in one go with exceptional levels of safety and comfort, such as the BMW 7 series (1977), the 5 and 3 series, which followed the same trend, e.g. 2400 GTI (1977), the 604 (1975), the R30...

Sports cars also benefited from this progress. Examples were the Ferrari 308 GTS and GTB (1977) and 512 BB (1976), Alpine A310 V6 (1976), Renault 5 Turbo (1979), M 635 (1984), and 205 Turbo 16 (1985).

All these cars (and many others) had the Michelin TRX fitted as original equipment and still can today, with a tyre true to that era but manufactured using today's techniques and materials.

Michelin TRX Tyres

Q: What are TRX wheels?

A: Michelin produced the millimetric TRX and TDX range of wheels and tyres in 1975. The TRX wheels had a different profile flange, allowing a different-shaped flex in the side wall, which allowed Michelin to produce lower-profile, higher-performance supercar tyres. TRX tyres did need to be fitted to the special millimetric TRX wheels.

Q: What cars have Michelin TRX wheels and tyres?

A: Because the Michelin TRX system was so ground-breaking with fabulous performance, they took the world by storm. Many car manufacturers, such as Citroen, Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Audi, Jaguar, and BMW, fitted them to their top-of-the-range cars, and Ferrari fitted Michelin TRX tyres to the majority of their range of classic supercars.

Q: Why are Michelin TRX tyres so expensive?

A: The TRX range of tyres was only fitted to the best cars, which were only made in small volumes. Today, because the tyres are made in such small volumes, it dramatically increases the cost of the Michelin TRX compared to, say, a Ford Mondeo tyre.

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