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Michelin X Tyres

Michelin X Tyres

  • As the first radial the Michelin X is arguably the most famous classic tyre.
  • Michelin developed radial tyre technology during the second world war.
  • Michelin patented their radial technology in 1946, before it was called the X.
  • Radial tyre technology was marketed under the name Michelin X in 1949.
  • The Michelin X was a mainstay radial tyre known for its longevity fitted to cars such as the 2CV through unto the 1980s.
  • The Michelin X was also original equipment on cars like the AC Ace, Lancia Aurelia & Mercedes 190SL.
  • There is still a wide range of important Michelin X tyres produced today, including 125SR400 Michelin X for the ripple bonnet 2CV and 165SR400 Michelin X for Traction Avant and Citroen ID19.

31 Items

31 Items

Michelin X Tyres


Michelin X

The Michelin X - A revolutionary construction for unrivalled performance

With its X tyre with radial casing plies, Michelin set out to conquer the world with a considerable advance in technology. Its revolutionary construction for the time had the special feature of separating the sidewall function from the crown function.

Citroen 2CV Tyres

Michelin X Innovation

The first major innovation from Michelin, the radial tyre was first marketed as the "X" tyre in 1949. At that time, Lancia was the first car manufacturer to fit the X tyre as original equipment on the Aurelia model. From 1955 onwards, radial technology became more popular and the majority of European car manufacturers opted for the radial solution. The X could be fitted to cars of very different categories, from the original and popular Citroen 2CV or Beetle to the fascinating Mercedes 1905L or Facel Vega.

Michelin X Radial Tyres

The advantages of the radial tyre compared with the cross-ply tyre could be clearly seen in all areas:

  • Greater safety (road-holding, grip, braking)
  • Economical to use (double the mileage, considerable reduction in fuel consumption)
  • Increased comfort thanks to the flexibility of the sidewalls.

In the fifties, the superiority of the X tyre was such that a number of racing drivers adopted to use it, although Michelin was not officially involved in any racing.

Michelin X Tyres

Michelin realised that 600-16 tyres were fitted to the most desirable cars in the world. There wasn't a tall 700mm radial tyre speed rated for cars like; Jaguar XK, Aston Martin DB4, Maserati A6GCS, Ferrari 340. The 170mph rated Michelin Pilote X looks reminiscent of a period Englebert tyre.

Michelin X FAQ

Q What classic tyres do Michelin make?

The Michelin X is a very famous tyre that is an integral part of the Michelin Collection range of historic tyres for old cars. they have the 125SR15 Michelin X for the 2CV and the 165R400 Michelin X for the traction Avant and early DS.

Q How Much do Michelin X tyres cost?

The different price of the individual Micheli X tyres should be listed above, but they are extremely good value for such unual and high quality classic car tyres.

Q Is the Michelin X a radial tyres?

Yes. The Michelin X was the first radial tyre to be patented in 1946.

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