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Pirelli Cinturato CN36

Pirelli CN36

27 Items

27 Items

The CN36 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ was introduced in 1968 as PIRELLI's 70% profile, high performance range of tyres and is well known for it's fitment to Porsche 911 and Ford Escort Mexico.


PIRELLI's CN36 is the perfect low profile tyre to be fitted as a period upgrade to a full profile tyre without spoiling the handling of the light weight rear wheel drive sports cars of the 60's & 70's. The Cinturato's rounded shoulders have been developed to run in conjunction with the car technology of the day. So cars like MGB, Alfa Romeo Spider, Giulia & Alfetta that originally ran on a 165HR14 full profile tyre might want to increase their foot print by fitting the 185/70VR14 CN36 CINTURATO ™.

Pirelli CInturato CN36
Pirelli CN36 Tyres

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