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Classic 14 Inch Radial Tyres

14 Inch Tyres

  • The tyre size 14 inch is a little less common in the classic car world, though it was used by Lancia, Ferrari and Mercedes.
  • Mercedes started moving from 13” wheels onto 14” wheels and tyres in 1963 for which we predominantly recommend 185 HR 14 Michelin MXV-P.
  • For Classic Mercedes on 14” tyres we also have 175 HR 14 Michelin XAS.
  • In 1968 Mercedes started moving over to low profile tyres with 195/70VR14 Pirelli CN36, 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX and 215/70 VR 14 Michelin XWX.
  • The 14” low profile radial tyres 205/70VR14 XWX and 205/70 VR 14 Cinturato CN36 were also fitted to Ferrari Dino, Fiat Dino, Ferrari 308 and top of the range classic BMW.
  • At the other end of the scale, we are very happy to offer the 145 HR 14 Pirelli Cinturato for the fab little Morris Minor and some early Lancia Fulvia.
  • Pirelli make the original 14” tyres for the MGB; the 165 HR 14 Cinturato CA67.
  • We also have more modern low profile 14” classic tyres such as the 195/60R14 for the classic VW Golf and Maserati BiTurbo.

14” White Wall Tyres

  • There are a small range of white wall 14” tyres with a radial tyre construction for classic cars.
  • Michelin make the fantastic 185 R 14 MXV white wall 14” tyre which offers a fantastic carcass structure to maintain the handling of your classic car.
  • We also offer 195/75 R14 white wall tyres as a budget alternative 14” white wall tyre.

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62 Items

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