Classic MG Tyres

On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give classic tyre fitment recommendations for MG cars.

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MG Tyres

The availability of classic MG tyres fort their little sports cars is very good. The MGB originally fitted 165HR14 Pirelli Cinturato tyres which are being produced again to give the enthusiastic driver the opportunity to drive the MGB at it’s best. A proper period tyre makes a big improvement to a little rear wheel drive sports car. So it is great news that there is also a proper period 145R13 Cinturato for the Midget again. And the 175HR14 Michelin XAS is also available for the V8 MGB. Worth noting that even when they fitted the V8 engine to these little sports cars, over 20 years after low profile wide tyres had been developed MG were aware of how much better they handled on a thinner tyre and did not over tyre the car like so many people misguidedly do today.

Vintage MG Tyres

The very First Morris Garages Vintage MG of the 1920s were generally fitted with 19” wheels, for which we would suggest the 400/450-19 Longstone Tyres. Most MG Sports cars of the pre war sports cars continued to fit 19” wheels for which that vintage 3 stud tread pattern became obsolete in 1936, when the majority of roads were becoming tarmacked a the Dunlop B5 tread pattern became more appropriate on the vintage T-type MG from the TA of 1936 to the MG TC of 1945 to 1950. The classic post war MG TD 1950 to 1953 fitted 15” wheels as did the MG TF of 1953 to 1955, for which we would recommend 165-15 Pirelli Cinturato CA67.

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