Classic Jaguar Tyres

On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give tyre fitment recommendations for classic Jaguar cars. Using their knowledge of what would have been original equipment on your Jaguar, and what historic tyres are available today, their tyre choice will be determined by what will make your old Jag handle at it’s best.

Jaguar Tyres

Although in the case of many of these classic Jaguars they would often have fitted a cross ply Dunlop RS5. Unfortunately Dunlop don’t currently make any historic road tyres. So our ideas often lead to us suggesting fitting a period radial tyre. Because today we find ourselves driving on so many dual carriage ways and motorways often a radial tyre helps these old cars become a little more suited and relaxing to drive at what is a relatively high cursing speed. Fitting a period radial tyre will improve the directional stability, and although fitting a radial tyre will always make the steering heavier than a crossply fitting a Pirelli Cinturato, Michelin X, XAS or XVS will make these derogatory effects less noticeable. Also fitting a period radial tyre will keep the cars handling progressive, where a modern tyre is utterly unsuitable.

To learn more about the best tyres for your XK Jaguar here is an article by Philip Porter from the XK Gazette

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Choosing the Correct Jaguar Tyres

"Get a Grip" by Philip Porter. This article originally appeared in the September 2013 Issue 192 of the XK Gazette.

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