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Dodge History

Dodge was founded by two brothers, John and Horace Dodge, born in Niles, Michigan. Henry Ford offered the brothers 10% of his firm in exchange for automotive parts for his Ford automobiles in 1902. Shortly after, in 1910, the new facility in Michigan swiftly grew to become one of the world's leading automobile components firms. The Dodges played a significant role in the development of the all-American first vehicle, the Model-T. They built the engines, gearboxes, and other components for this renowned vehicle.

On July 17, 1914, the Dodge brothers made the decision to start selling their automobiles, and the Dodge Brothers Company was born. Their first car, the four-cylinder Dodge Model, was born a few months later. The brothers had little trouble selling because of their good reputation. The Dodge brand immediately established a reputation for dependability.

Within five years of expanding their business, the brothers produced 121,000 Dodge automobiles and had a total revenue of $24 million. While the Dodge brothers were having a huge effect on the automobile industry, they were tragically killed by Influenza just months apart. However, their history and reliability endured and grew stronger. Dodge was the first automobile manufacturer to develop a steel-body closed vehicle in 1922.

A few years after the brother's death, the company's heirs sold it to an investment bank. Walter Percy Chrysler bought Dodge in 1928. This acquisition significantly aided Chrysler's growth, as it rose to become the world's third-largest carmaker. The corporation and the committed clientele of Dodge owners drew that owner in. In 1933, Dodge introduced the distinctive RAM emblem, which stood for reliability and strength.

In the 1930s, Dodge continued to provide quality, value, and dependability that no other rival could match. Dodge was not only becoming a global success, but it also aided the United States during the war. During World War II, the United States relied on Dodge-built components, aircraft engines, and over 400,000 vehicles. The first post-war Dodges, which hit the market in 1946, were in considerable demand among people. Dodge was still synonymous with dependability in the 1050s, but the design altered the game. With contemporary chrome, fins, a flare, and a V8 engine, this new 1950s design was daring and had a sex appeal.

Dodge debuted in automobile racing in 1954, with the V8 engine, at the Indianapolis 500. Lower fins and lower bodies were the new Dodge looks of the 1950s. Dodge debuted the iconic Dodge Charger in 1966. Other Dodge models that followed, such as the Charger, Challenger, and Coronet, were as powerful. Collectors now demand hefty prices for vintage vehicles.

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