Classic Triumph Tyres

On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give classic tyre fitment recommendations for Triumph cars.

Triumph TR2 Racing

The boss of Longstone Tyres was fortunate to be offered the opportunity by a fellow Frazer Nash owner, Brian White, to share a race in his TR2 at the fantastic Portimao Circuit in the Algarve, of course the car would be fitted with ideal Triumph racing tyres. It was an opportunity for a family holiday. The Triumph, on its racing tyres, was trailered down to the event behind the family car full of Triumph tools, tyre equipment and children. Longstone Tyres were pretty much the only racing team who were fettling their own car and had transported their own car. (The other Triumph there was Charles Gillett). The race was fantastic as you can see from this film. The little factory built Triumph up against all sorts of exotic bespoke racing cars like Lister Jaguars, Lotus 11, Ferrari Testarossa, etc.

Triumph Racing Tyres

As you can see from the film having the right tyres on the Triumph TR2 keeps the car handling beautifully. The Triumph TR2 in this film was fitted with Dunlop cross ply Racing Tyres. The Tyre size was 550L15. You can see how progressively the car handles in the film (there is some twitchy turning in. This is down to driver error, attempting to turn in too early). The original tyre size for a Triumph TR2 is 550X15. It is this progressive handling that is lost when over tyreing a car. Because of this, if you want to fit radial tyres to your Triumph TR2 we recommend sticking with a genuine period tyre, the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™, of a similar size radial tyre 155HR15.

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