Maserati Tyres


On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give classic tyre fitment recommendations for Maserati cars.

Classic Maserati tyres

Currently old Maserati cars are well looked after by the classic tyre manufacturers. Pirelli have started making the Stella Bianca again for the very early cars and racing cars such as the fabulous Maserati 250F. Then predominantly in the ‘50s the majority of classic Maserati road cars fitted 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato CA67. Then in 1964 when Pirelli developed the CN72 and were able to produce a 205R15 radial tyre that was capable of withstanding the power of Maserati sports cars, cars like the Mistral and Sebring changed from the 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 onto 205VR15 CN72. We are fortunate in that Pirelli are producing these performance classic Maserati tyres again.

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Vintage Maserati Tyres

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Q: What tyres do Maserati fit?

A: In the early days classic Maserati tended to fit Pirelli tyres, They suit the chassis of early Maserati perfectly, starting with Stella Bianca crossply tyres, to 185VR16 Cinturato CA67 late 1950s and earkly 1960s. Then 2015VR15 Cinturato from 1964, until around 1971 when they moved onto low profile Pirelli CN12.

Q: Do Pirelli still make classic Maserati Tyres?

A: Yes. The Pirelli Collezione range has been steadily expanding and covers most of the important tyre sizes for classic Maserati.

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