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British Leyland was a British automotive company formed in 1968 through the merger of several British car manufacturers. The merger brought together several well-known British brands, including Austin, Morris, MG, Triumph, Rover, Jaguar, and others. The purpose of the merger was to create a large, vertically integrated company that could compete more effectively in the global automotive market.

At its peak, British Leyland was one of the largest automotive companies in the United Kingdom and had a significant presence in the industry. However, the company faced numerous challenges, including labour disputes, quality issues, and a lack of investment. These difficulties, coupled with various management and organizational problems, led to a decline in the company's fortunes.

Over the years, British Leyland underwent several restructurings, changes in ownership, and rebranding efforts in an attempt to address its issues. Despite these efforts, the company continued to struggle, and many of its brands and operations were eventually sold off or discontinued.

The history of British Leyland is a complex and often controversial one, marked by both successes and failures. While the company no longer exists in its original form, its legacy and the cars it produced continue to have an impact on the automotive industry and hold a valued place in British automotive history.

British Leyland Brands

Austin 1100-1300 MGB GT V8 Tyres Rover SD1 Triumph Dolomite Tyres Triumph Stag Tyres Austin Allegro Triumph Toledo Tyres Austin 1800 & 2200 Morris 2200 MG Princess 1100 Tyres Morris Marina Jaguar XJ12 Jaguar XJS

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