Classic Daimler Tyres

On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give classic tyre fitment recommendations for Daimler cars.

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Daimler Sovereign Tyres

The Daimler Sovereign fitted 205/70VR15 tyres. There are a variety of tyres available in the size. Including the original ER/70VR15 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet. We would however, recommend the Michelin XWX tyre.

Daimler Double six tyres

The Daimler double six fitted 215/70VR15 tyres, of which we would recommend fitting 215/70 VR 15 Michelin XWX tyre.

Daimler X40 tyres

The Daimler version of the Jaguar XJ40 fitted 390mm wheels with the tyre 220/65VR390. of which we currently stock the Avon CR39.
In 1990 the XJ40 moved back on to 15” wheels and fitted 225/65 WR15 Pirelli Cinturato P5 tyre.

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