Classic Mercedes Tyres

On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give classic tyre fitment recommendations for Mercedes cars.

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    Currently Michelin make an excellent range of extremely high quality tyres to support classic Mercedes. Here is a rough and simple way of finding what you need, or some of the links on the left might give you more detail

    Vintage Mercedes Tyres

    Here is an article from Classic Driver about Longstone’s supply of Vintage Mercedes Tires.

    It is critical with a car such as a Mercedes, not to consider the current value of the car when choosing a tyre. Some of these classic Mercedes, are extremely good value (for what they are), you get an exceptionally well built and designed car, that cost a huge amount of money when new for relatively very little money these days.

    Part of what originally made these cars such good quality, was because they were built using top quality components, an important one would be the best quality tyres. Tyre such as the Michelin XWX were original equipment on cars such as Ferrari & Maserati as well as Mercedes, so even some of the big heavy Mercedes were able to give exceptional handling at speed because they were enhanced by tyres that were developed to make the world's fastest cars handle in a predictable manner at high speeds. Today it is important to maintain the integrity of these cars by keeping them in their original state. It turns out that Mercedes have pretty much always built exceptional cars and they didn't maintain this reputation by fitting cheap, crap tyres.

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