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Longstone's own Dougal Racing his Frazer-Nash
Longstone's own Dougal Racing his Frazer-Nash

Vintage Frazer-Nash Tyres

On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give classic tyre fitment recommendations for Frazer-Nash cars.

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Frazer Nash History

Dougal's Frazer Nash - Piglet
Dougal's Frazer Nash - Piglet

Archie Nash established the Frazer Nash Limited company in 1922. Nash created and ran the GN cyclecar firm with friend Ron Godfrey in 1909, but their partnership ended in 1922, and Nash began constructing his own vehicles by purchasing GN parts and adding a new body. His new company's operations were centred in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. In 1924, the first real Frazer Nash was created. However, Nash, a brilliant engineer and designer, appeared unable to operate a profitable firm. During this time period, Evelyn Waugh was a shareholder. The failing firm was eventually sold to a new company, AFN Limited, which was created in 1927.

Earnings did not improve, and on January 1, 1929, H J Aldington was appointed managing director, and Nash was appointed 'technical adviser.' Archie Nash was able to preserve a modest stake and, as if to cement the connection, hyphenated his second name with his surname in 1938, becoming Archie Frazer-Nash. Harold Joseph ("Aldy") Aldington (1902-1976) purchased the majority of AFN's capital in 1929, and AFN's activities were relocated to Isleworth, Middlesex. Following then, the company was handled by the three Aldington brothers: Aldy, Don, and Bill. Donald Arthur Aldington (1907-1997) and William Henry Aldington (1907-1997) were the other two (1900-1980). They were all commonly known by their initials.

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Between 1924 and 1939, Frazer Nash and later AFN built around 350 of the famed chain drive types. Aldy's son, John Taylor ("JT") Aldington, was the last of the family owners/directors to sell AFN Ltd to Porsche GB in 1987. In 1934, AFN Ltd began importing and assembling BMW automobiles, which they sold under the brand Frazer Nash BMW. Until the onset of war in 1939, they were the official British BMW importer. From 1948 until 1957, AFN Ltd built around 85 additional automobiles. These automobiles were unconnected to the chain-drive pre-war Frazer Nash, but were primarily a direct progression of the aforementioned fast BMW 328.

Frazer Nash Promotional Poster
Frazer Nash Promotional Poster

AFN, as the owner of the UK rights to the 328 engine, authorised Bristol to manufacture it in exchange for an agreement to provide it to them. The Le Mans Replica, Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Le Mans Coupé, and Sebring are among the models available. A third-place finish at Le Mans in 1949 was followed by victories at the Targa Florio in 1951 and the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1952. Collectors place a great value on post-war cars.

The company's Formula 2 cars competed in a variety of races, including four Grand Prix events that counted towards the 1952 World Championship of Drivers. Tony Crook and Ken Wharton drove the vehicles. Considering the limited number of automobiles produced, the model variety is extensive. Cars were all made to order, with nearly any combination of options available. Some were rebuilt as distinct variants at the factory.

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