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Abarth Coupe

Abarth Coupe

Karl Abarth, born on November 15, 1908, in Vienna, displayed evidence of brilliance even as a child. He began his tuning career by altering his push scooter to compete in speed races. He began working with engines at the age of 16 and progressed to become a motorcycle test and racing driver.

Carlo Abarth created Abarth & C with Guido Scagliarini in 1949 following a career racing bikes and automobiles. The 204 A Roadster, developed on the FIAT 1100, was the first car constructed. It quickly won the 1100 Sport Championship and Formula 2. Along with racing, the business began producing tuning kits that enhanced the performance, power, and speed of regular automobiles.

Carlo Abarth picked the Scorpion as the mark of his young firm for three reasons: it represented his zodiac sign; it was difficult to counterfeit; and, most importantly, it was a unique insignia that perfectly defined the Abarth philosophy: "small but mean."

Abarth & C. employed 375 people and produced roughly 300,000 exhaust systems per year in just a few years. His performance-tuned vehicles won many competitions and set several records with Carlo Abarth at the wheel. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the Abarth brand created a reputation for itself in the public consciousness as the synonym for sport, tune, and performance, forever transforming the sports car industry.

Abarth 850 TC

Abarth 850 TC

Carlo Abarth set an acceleration record in his Class G Fiat Abarth "1000 monoposto record" at the age of 57, then the next day set the same record in a Class E single-seater. He lost 30kg by eating just apples in order to fit into the cockpit. After selling the business to Fiat, he still worked there for a few years before retiring to Vienna, where he died on 23 October 1979.

Abarth has continued to make waves in the automotive industry under Fiat's administration, with a variety of racecars and modified road vehicles seen and appreciated by many in the decades thereafter. The modified Fiat 500 was the most prominent Abarth of the contemporary period, transforming a low-powered modest city vehicle into a compact racer.

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