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History of Facel Vega

Facel Vega

Facel S.A. was a French producer of steel furniture and pressed steel components, as well as whole autos of their own design, formed in 1939 to provide components for Bronzavia's military aircraft. Facel began producing short-run customised bodies, coupés or cabriolets, for Simca, Ford, Panhard, and Delahaye in collaboration with Metallon in 1945.

Facel lost its major clients as monocoque bodywork without a chassis became the norm for mass-produced automobiles. The manufacturing of French niche producers has come to an end. In 1953, Metallon departed the partnership. Facel began developing and manufacturing its own entire automobiles utilising engines manufactured by Chrysler, Volvo, and Austin. Their first design, Vega, was unveiled to the public in 1954.

Facel's plant shuttered in October 1964, despite its early success. Their Facellia model, released in 1959, was underdeveloped, and losses caused by warranty issues were hard to recuperate. Facel had been placed under the ownership of Sud Aviation subsidiary SFERMA prior to its shutdown.

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