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History of Alpine Renault

Alpine is a French racing and sports vehicle company founded in 1955. Jean Rédélé, Alpine's creator, was initially a Dieppe garage owner who found success in motorsport with one of the few French automobiles made soon after WWII, the Renault 4CV.

Alpine Renault A110
Renault Alpinea 110

Rédélé won its class in a number of significant events, including the Mille Miglia and Coupe des Alpes, while driving Renault 4CVs. As his knowledge of the small 4CV grew, he integrated several changes, such as unique five-speed gears that replaced the original three-speed unit. To create a lighter car, he developed a number of customised variants with lightweight aluminium bodywork, which he drove with considerable success at Le Mans and Sebring in the early 1950s. In 1954, he founded the Alpine brand.

In 1955, he collaborated with the Carrosserie Chappe et Gessalin to be among the pioneers of auto glass fibre manufacturing, producing the Alpine A106, a compact coupe based on 4CV mechanicals. It was built on the chassis of the original Renault 4CV. Throughout the 1950s, the A106 was a hit, and it was accompanied by a low and attractive cabriolet.

Alpine next designed a 2+2 closed coupe body for the Michelotti cabriolet design, which became the Alpine A108, now powered by the Dauphine Gordini 845 cc engine. The A108 was manufactured between 1958 and 1963. Alpine's prowess in rallying grew, and by 1968, it had received the whole Renault competition budget. Throughout its existence, the firm has been intimately associated with Renault, and it was purchased by it in 1973.

Alpine's competitive division amalgamated with Renault Sport in 1976, and Alpine-badged cars were phased out in 1995. The Alpine brand was resurrected in 2017 with the debut of the new Alpine A110. Renault Sport will be incorporated back into Alpine to establish an Alpine business segment in January 2021, as part of a company overhaul.

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