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1929 BNC Type 53
1929 BNC Type 53

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BNC History

BNC 527
BNC 527

In January 1923, Lucien Bollack and his financier, banker René Netter, founded B.N.C. Jacques Muller, also known as "Jack" was the technical director. Muller's previous J.M.K. cyclecar served as the foundation for their first car, the "DZ". B.N.C. was a successful cyclecar manufacturer, winning several rallies while not selling many vehicles. The company attempted to enter a higher market sector in the late 1920s, but demand for large passenger cars and light racing cars were both low, and Bollack and Netter were pushed out of their company in 1928 when it was acquired by Charles de Ricou, a businessman who by then had a reputation for resurrecting financially troubled car manufacturing businesses.

Unfortunately, Charles de Ricou failed to anticipate the Great Depression, launching the large 8-cylinder engined "Aigle" in October 1929, just a few days before stock market crashes signalled the start of a decade of severe recession and stagnation of the French economy. A range of sporty front-wheel-drive B.N.C. automobiles with pneumatic suspension was offered for 1931, but it never materialised. Shortly afterwards, the firm's doors were closed.

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