Mini Cooper Pirelli Cinturato

Classic Mini Tyres

  • The original classic Mini came fitted with tiny little 10” wheels and 520-10 Crossply tyres.
  • These early cars could also be fitted with the optional 145R10 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet.
  • By 1973 all the models: Mini 850, Mini 1000, Mini Estate, Mini clubman, 1275GT And Mini Cooper fitted Radial tyres as standard.
  • The Classic Mini fitted 145R10 Dunlop Aquajet on 3.5B10 wheels, 165/70R10 Dunlop Aquajet on 4.5J-10 wheels.
  • Some of the Mini Cooper S and the 1275 GT models fitted 165/70R10 Dunlop SP Sport on 5.00C-10 Alloy wheels.
  • There was a period in the late 1970s where 310mm wheels were fitted with the classic Dunlop Denovo 155/65R310 tyres.
  • The 155/65R310 Dunlop Denovo tyres are no longer produced. We recommend changing your wheels.
  • In 1984 when the classic Mini was fitted with disc brakes they need a taller 12” wheels.
  • For Post 1984 Mini we have Michelin 145/70R12 Michelin XZX.
  • Many of the Rover Mini Special editions such as the Studio 2, Flame Red and Mini Cooper of 1990, Italian Job and Mini Tahiti of 1993 fitted the 145/70R12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54, which we suggest is Perfect for Mini on 12” wheels.

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    Mini Recommended Tyres

  1. 145SR10 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet
    145 SR 10 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet

    Starting at $184.80 $154.00

  2. 165/70R10 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet
    165/70 SR 10 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet

    Starting at $193.20 $161.00

  3. 145/70SR12 Michelin XZX
    145/70R12 Michelin XZX

    Starting at $105.84 $88.20

  4. 145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54
    145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54

    Starting at $115.92 $96.60

  5. 145/70SR12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54
    Set of 4 145/70SR12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54

    Starting at $451.92 $376.60

  6. Pirelli 145/70 SR 12 Cinturato CN54
    Set of 5 Pirelli 145/70 SR 12 Cinturato CN54

    Starting at $554.40 $462.00

  7. Michelin 12CG Offset Valve Inner Tube
    Michelin 12CG Offset Valve Inner Tube

    Starting at $25.20 $21.00

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Mini 25 Tyres

1990 Paul Smith Mini

Mini Thiti 1993 Tyres

Mini Thiti Tyres

Limited Edition Mini Tyres

Towards the end of the production of the fabulous little Mini, in a way to attempt to boost sale, Rover made some upgraded special editions. Among the special equipment on these cars the 145/70R12 Pirelli CN54 was commonly added to boost the handling of the car while still having a retro look that suits the car so well.

The following limited edition Minis fitted 145/70R12 Cinturato CN54 as OE:

Mini 25 1984

Mini 30 1989

Mini Mayfair 82 – 96

Mini Ritz 1985

Mini Chelsea 1985

Mini Picadilli 1986

Mini Park Lane 1987

Mini Red Hot 1988

Mini Jet Black 1988

Mini Rose 1989

Mini Sky 1989

Mini Racing 1988

Mini Flame 1989

Mini Racing Green 1989 – 1990

Mini Red Flame 1990

Mini Checkers 1990

Mini Designer 1988

Mini Paul Smith 1988

Mini Cooper RSP 1990

Mini Monte Carlo 1994

Mini After-Eight 1991

Mini British Open Classic 1992

Mini Italian Job 1992 - 1993

Mini Rio 1993

Mini Tahiti 1993

Mini Park Lane
Mini 25 Tyres

Mini S L 1600

Mini Tyres

Mini XZX Tires
145/70 x 12 Michelin XWX Mini Tyre

Mini XZX Tires

Classic Mini on 10 Inch Dunlop Tyres

Mini FAQ

Q: What tyre do Mini fit?

A: the first Mini fitted 520-10 Crossply tyres, then they moved onto 145R10 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet. Sporting models with wider wheels moved onto 165/70R10 Dunlop Aquajet. Then with the addition of disc brakes they moved onto 12” wheels and you could fit the 145/70R12 Pirelli Cinturato.

Q: When did Mini change onto 12” wheels?

A: Mini fitted disc brakes in 1984. The disc brakes needed a larger internal diameter so the Mini moved ont 12” wheels, which opens up the opportunity to fit 145/70R12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54.

1993 Original Mini

Rover Mini Tyres

Q: What were the original tyres on a Mini Cooper?

A: The Early Mini Coopers fitted 10” Dunlop Aquajet, or Dunlop SP Sport. However the later Rover edition of the Mini Cooper fitted 145/70SR12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54.

Q: What tyres did the Rover Mini MKV fit?

A: Many of the MKV Minis made under the Rover brand came fitted with the Pirelli 145/70SR12 Cinturato CN54. Models such as the Mini Park Lane of 1987 and Mini Thirty of 1989 fitted Pirelli, and the Flame Red of 1990, Mini Cooper of 1990, Italian Job and Mini Tahiti of 1993 fitted the Cinturato CN54.

Classic Mini Tyre Pressure

Q: What is the tyre pressure for a Mini?

A: Early Mini on crossply tyres want 24psi. classic Mini fitting 10” radial tyres 28psi front and 26psi in the rear. The Austin Rover Mini City, Mini Mayfair and other models fitting 145/70R12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54 28psi is suggested.

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