Classic Renault Tyres

On the following pages, Longstone Classic Tyres give classic tyre fitment recommendations for Renault cars.

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Vintage Renault Tyres

Longstone Tyres can provide tyres for across the whole Renault range, from the popular Dauphine to the more executive Renault Frégate & Renault 20/30.

Renault Tyres

The following list are our recommendations for Renaults:

  • 135SR15 Michelin ZX for a Ondine, Dauphine, R8 & R8 Gordini
  • 145SR15 Michelin XZX for a Dauphine, Gordini, Floride & Caravelle
  • 165SR400 Michelin X for a Frégate
  • 155HR13 Michelin XAS for a R15TS, R15DTL & R17TL
  • 165HR13 Michelin XAS for a R17TS, R17, Gordini & R18 & R20
  • 190/65HR390 Michelin TRX for a R30TX

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