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Events Calendar

Longstone Events Calendar

Longstone Tyres can be found at the following VSCC events during 2018 where we are on-hand to demonstrate our products and advise competitors and spectators on tyre choices. We are usually equipped to fit and balance your tyres on-site and help with tyre and wheel related issues.

To guarantee availability of your tyres at an event we urge you to pre-order your requirements. Contact us with your requests and to see if we will be fitting tyres at a particular event

This is the perfect opportunity to look at all the variations in tread patterns and sizes and speak to our vintage tyres sales team.

356 Porsche

For more information on any of the events below, please visit the VSCC website

  1. April 21st-22nd - VSCC Formula Vintage round 1 - Silverstone
  2. May 19th - VSCC Formula Vintage round 2 - Outlon Park
  3. June 24th - VSCC Formula Vintage Historic Festival - Donnington Park
  4. July 22nd - VSCC Formula Vintage round 3 - Cadwell Park
  5. August 4th-5th - VSCC Speed Championship round 5 - Prescott
  6. August 11th - VSCC Formula Vintage round 4 - Mallory Park
  7. September 8th-9th - VSCC Speed Championship round 7/8 - Loton Park
  8. September 22nd-23rd - VSCC Speed Championship round 9 & Formula Vintage round 5 - Snetterton