Classic Tyres & Brexit

Longstone Tyres have recently been instrumental in some developments in the tyres that are available for your classics. For example, such as the new tyres for Spridgets and Triumph Spitfires & 175/70VR13 Cinturato CN36 these are the only period tyres available in these common classic tyre sizes. There is also now, original equipment tyres for the Lamborghini Countach These fabulously lary tyres, the Pirelli Cinturato P7, were the widest tyres fitted to a road car. 345/35R15 P7 set a new benchmark in how wide and how low can you go.

We have constantly found it amazing, how our distribution companies can provide us with such a staggeringly efficient, fast, safe and reliable service to the furthest corners of the world for what seems a mere pittance. We often sit in the Longstone office and laugh in sympathy at the dismal profit margins they must be making. How can it be so cheap? And they don't get it wrong.

For instance, while drinking your morning cup of Coffee on your Yacht in Miami, you may glance over at your Ferrari 288 GTO, and think "Core-Blimey. I need a new set of tyres". Simply fire up the laptop, find the Ferrari 288GTO page on the Longstone website. it will help you find the right tyre - even though that rear tyre is only fitted to the rear of the 288 GTO, a couple of years on the back of a TestaRossa, and a couple of years on an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. They will be on your doorstep in a week. Being a Michelin or a Pirelli we subsidise the shipping and it will cost you nothing.

If on another occasion you are on a rally in Australia in your XK120 alloy Bodied Roadster, and someone else on the rally you are with said, "why are you driving on those rubbish taxi tyres? Your car will fall apart with all that extra vibration, caused by that horrible overly stiff carcass; You need a proper period road tyre that is designed to work well with a chassis like yours." We could have that set of Pirelli Cinturato's waiting for you at one of the future stops on your rally even if you are in the middle of the Outback 500 miles from Alice Springs. And that only costs £ 150!

Mostly, the company, we must be virtually putting out of business, is the UK company, Parcel Force. Because of their historic connections with the UK post office, they have developed relationships all over the world with the other carriers and post offices, which helps them maintain these amazing rates. Of course, we make sure they keep their pencil sharp, by mercilessly playing them off against the other carrier companies that are constantly banging on our door. They have promised us that they will continue to provide these services, regardless of the Brexit outcome. I don't know why they are so nice to us after we cruelly don't let their poor driver leave our shed 'til late, making it so that you can place an order as late as 4:30!

As we jump into the abyss of Brexit, nobody knows what is going to happen in Europe. And because of that, we feel glad that a large proportion of what we sell doesn't touch Europe. So we are confident that our supply chain will not be affected. We do hold huge stocks of a wide variety of tyres, and those few that come from Europe, it will take us a long time to run out. Added to our amazing carriers, we feel ready for Brexit. We will take it in our stride, and continue to give our customers what they want, where they want it.

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