240/55 VR 415 Tyres

Here is a few quotes from a forum tread about tyres shipped to USA for Ferraris (http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/365-gt4-2-2-400-412/542707-240-55vr415.html)

"I purchased from Longstone Tyres last year and I had an exceptional experience - they shipped to California Michelin 240/45VR415s free of tax and shipping and they arrived within a week."

"With Longstone I got 5 fresh tyres shipped to California in a week. No VAT. Reasonable price. Excellent service. No shipping cost. The head of the whole company will email you directly and quickly. Tyres and wheels have actually been the easiest aspects of 400 series ownership in my opinion. Especially with Longstone."

"it's the only way to buy tires for our beloved beasts! Great service and price. "

Buy here your Michelin 240/55VR415 TRX

Published on 01/07/2017

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