Citroen Traction Avant Tyres

It is worth pointing out that for some considerable time Michelin were the major shareholder in Citroen, which is reflected in the tyres Citroen have fitted since the '30s. Michelin has been a major innovator in tyre design over the years, and much of this has come to market in conjunction with Citroen's innovative car design. It is because of Citroen's original designs that these classics are still very collectable cars, and it is because of this popularity that the volumes of Classic Citroen tyre sales have been good, enabling us to deliver these special offers on sets of tyres for your Classic Citroen.

Citroen Traction Avant Tyres

When the Traction first came out before the war crossply tyres were still the only option. But with Michelin and Citroen being as out and out French as they were, they couldn?t bare the thought of toing the line with the rest of the world and fitting Imerial inch measurement wheels, they just had to be millimetric tyres with 40cm wheels fitting tyres 130/140X40 on smaller 7 Horse Power cars and 150/160X40150/160X40 on the bigger engine 11 Horse Power Tractions. In the '30s Michelin had made major developments in enabling tyres to run at lower pressures and return much improved Longevity with the heavily siped Superconfort Stop S, or SCSS tyres. Fortunately these vintage tyres are still available for early Citroen Traction Avant cars.

While under the shadow of the Nazi party Michelin developed the new radial tyre Michelin X which of course they were testing on the Traction Avant, the tyre was patented in 1946 and slipped into the mainstream usage with the Traction in the size 165SR400 X on the 4 cylinder cars and 185SR400 X on the bigger 6 Cylinder cars.

Published on 23/08/2017

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