White Wall Rolls Royce Tyres

Rolls Royce Silver Spur White Wall Tyres

We have had a customer with a Rolls Royce Silver Spur who wanted white wall tyres on his car, but also wanted to take advantage of the dramatic improvements to the handling that fitting the asymmetric Michelin XVS tyre offers.

Here are his words explaining how he felt after doing so:

“Hi Dougal, Tom, and Co.,

Well, I’ve now had the set of Michelin XVS white walls fitted to my Rolls Royce Silver Spur lll, and the difference in handling and control is amazing!

After I took delivery of the car with its new tyres having been fitted, I initially drove away from my office thinking only of the appearance of the car with its distinctive ‘white walls’, but……..within 200 yards I had to turn a sharp corner and negotiate a roundabout followed by a further sharp exit. Wow! Suddenly, I was unexpectedly made to focus on something I’d temporarily forgotten about! ie. the fact that the new XVS asymmetric tyres offered such a dramatic improvement in handling and stability. The car behaved quite differently to the ‘floaty’ feeling I was used to, and it suddenly became much more of a driver’s car, with a greater feeling of connection to the road.

Suffice it to say that these tyres appear to live up to the expectations you gave me when we initially discussed the possibility of my buying them and then having them white-walled in Germany.

As you requested, I’m very pleased to let you have a couple of photographs of the car with the tyres proudly on display! If you can use either (or both) of them to advantage on your website, along with my testimonial, you’re more than welcome to do that and to relay to others the surprising experience I initially had. Unfortunately, that revelation can’t be repeated, because I’ve now come to expect this improved performance aspect of my car as being perfectly natural!

Thank you again for your help in the matter of tyre choice for my car.

Yours most sincerely, “

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow White Wall Tyres

We first learned about that advantages of the Michelin XAS and XVS range of tyres when I fitted them my racing Ford Cortina with a Zetech engine. Then to my Aunties Alfa Spider, and then again when I bought a Daimler V8 Saloon for my wife to spank about in with the kids. It did wander on dual carriage ways when cruising at 70, so we fitted 180HR15 XAS and the improvement was staggering.

Sometime later I sold a Bond Mini Car and thought the obvious next car had to be a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow which I immediately fell in love with. Both my wife and I could not believe how much we loved the Silver Shadow, and the obvious thing to do was to fit the 235/70R15 XVS and the handling improvements were like day and night. Amazing so much so that I made this film.

I might note I chose not to have white wall tyres on my Silver Shadow, but white wall tyres are down to personal taste.

White Wall rolls Royce Silver Spirit Tyres

Since 1973 well into the 1990s Rolls Royce fitted 235/70 R15 radial tyres to its cars. We would suggest that fitting the asymmetric Michelin 235/70R15 XVS is one of the cheapest and most effective improvements to the handling of cars such as the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, Corniche, Silver Spur and Silver Shadow. We now have the ability to have the white wall built into the sidewall of quality tyres such as Michelin and Pirelli, and if it is a white wall you want on your tyre and you want the best handling then having a white wall built into an XVS for your Silver Spirit is the way to go.

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