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For owners of the Classic Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the early Giulia the good news is we have just received a new delivery of the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 155HR15. It is a brilliant tyre that came out in the early ‘50s as the first radial tyre that was developed to suit sports cars of the period and offer enhanced grip while at the same time remaining progressive and of course they look fantastic. Is there a tread pattern more evocative for a classic sports car than PIRELLI’s CA67 CINTURATO ™

There are other tyres that are produced in this size, but the only one you should really consider would be the Michelin XAS 155HR15. Nothing else has a suitable carcass structure to make these cars handle the way they should. Arguably the Michelin XAS is a little late, however it does benefit from being a 1965 tyre that was developed to compliment cars of this period and make them more suited to motorways, so it is an excellent option.

All things considered the CINTURATO ™ is a brilliant tyre and correct for a Giulietta, this it is what I would fit.

Incidentally it is also correct for my Lotus Elite. So here it is and here they are fitted to a set of Borrani’s. Phwarr!!!!!

Published on 16/02/2018

Pirelli Classic Tyres Poster

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