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Early 911

The Early 911 forum DDK (or “Die Deutschen Klassiker”) is a leading source of everything early Porsche, especially early 911. So it is no surprise that the subject of what are the best911 tyresfrequently crops up. I was very pleased to stumble across the following coment which I hope you will find useful and informative.

Early 911 Tyres

I am in shock!

When MOTing my 2.4E the tester said my front tyres are borderline advisory so with the trip to CLM coming up I decided to invest in a set ofCN36's.....fitted these yesterday and decided to take the car out for a 'quick' spin.....

.....suffice to say I cannot believe the difference a tyre could make to the handling of my car, truly staggering!!!

To be fair to the comparison my oldXWX'swere well worn at the front on the outer edges and had done nearly 18,000 miles, they were also dated 2011 and fitted a couple of years before the car went on the road.

Heading out on some dual carriageway to get the tyres warm my initial impression was the steering felt a fair bit lighter and noticably so around a few roundabouts as I headed for a stretch of road leading from Latton to Kempsford, a twisty B-road with some great bends but with a terrible bouncy surface in places. Previously I felt I was fighting the car in tight turns with the old XWX's but now it's far smoother. Taking it steady to start the car felt great on the road, so good in fact I turned around and drove the road again pushing a bit harder. By the third run I was really pushing and was amazed at how much of a difference the tyres could make soaking up the poor surface and revelling at being pushed hard into the turns as I took the long way around the bends to accentuate the curves. My fourth run up the road was bonkers, the steering wheel felt like silk in my hands and I was laughing as I drove, the tyres taking way more than I thought I could throw at them giving a satisfying squeal as I went from bend to bend.

Only a planned night out dragged me home, my wife thinking I'm nuts waxing lyrical about a set of tyres!........it was more than tyres to me, it felt like having a new toy!

The XWX is a great tyre but from my initial impression I think the CN36 is a whole different level if you enjoy driving enthusiastically.......highly recommended!

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