Classic Traction Avant Citroen Tyres

Traction Avant Tyres

It is worth pointing out that for some considerable time Michelin were the major shareholders in the Citroen, which shows in the tyres Citroen have fitted since the '30s. Michelin has been a major innovator in tyre design over the years, and much of this has come to market in conjunction with Citroens innovative car design. It is because of this innovative design that has meant classic Citroens are still very collectable classic cars, and it is because of this popularity has meant the volumes of Classic Citroen tyre sales have been good so we are able to make these special offers on sets of tyres for your Classic Citroen.

Citroen DS19 & ID19 Tyres

In 1955 when the Citroen DS19 & ID19 hit the streets Citroen astounded the automotive world. It was a bit like they had employed someone that had never seen a car before to completely start from scratch and make a beautiful innovative ground braking car, which of course took full advantage of the new radial tyre technology, and they fitted 165SR400 Michelin X, tyres with some cars fitting 155SR400 X on the rear

Published on 01/08/2017

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